The TRUTH About The Relationship That Left Me Homeless

relationship from hell

In 2008 I met a beautiful lady from Bangkok Thailand on match-com. Curious who she was I clicked on her profile and read she just got her U.S Citizenship. She also wrote she was unable to drive because of a recent stroke. I messaged her saying I would be happy to drive her to the doctors or grocery store. She returned my message and we went out that night. Then we went out to dinner, and she came home with me that night. I spent the best 12 years of…

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Christmas Will Be Here Soon, So Don’t Forget About Jesus Christ!

Christmas Is Christ Baby Jesus Manger

It’s hard to believe that Christmas will soon be upon us. And this morning I’m reminiscing way back to when I was a young boy. Times were so magical back then with a black and white TV and everything was low tech. As a child all i could think about was Santa Clause and opening up presents on Christmas morning. As an adult I have not forgotten the true meaning of Christmas, which is celebrating the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ! Everything is so commercialized, but lacks the true…

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Dan Bongino’s Self Defence Masterclass Edition With Rener Gracie

Rener Gracie

Wow, once again Dan Bongino knocks the baseball out of the park featuring Marshal Arts Masterclass Trainer Rener Gracie. You’ll focus your attention on Gracie University Chief Instructor’s many moves teaching us how to use Marshall Arts Juditsu to protect ourselves in today’s increasingly violent society! 💡 Self-Defense Masterclass with Rener Gracie (SPECIAL) 11/24/23 The Dan Bongino Show on Rumble Want to know more about Reener Gracie and Jiu-jitsu? Here are a couple of paragraphs from his website Gracie University . All the classes are listed and also some cool…

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My Google TV From HELL Thanksgiving Experience!

TCL Google TV

I ordered a Roku TV but instead received this TCR Google TV that just displays the Google logo and a QR code. The screen displays are saying set up with the Google HOME App. Well, it’s not that simple. I would think this method would be easy, but it was not. Scanning the QRC just brings up a list of search links. From what I’ve learned it requires setting up an account with the TV manufacturer TCL and then somehow signing into my Google account and giving them control of…

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It’s Just Another Day In Rehab!

Doc in rehab

Just a quick post because I’m bored tonight. Honestly, I’ve never been in a situation like this in my life. After a love affair went horribly wrong, I was homeless and lost everything I owned but my car and clothes. The nasty tumble I took on 05/14/23 caused problems walking and I’ve fallen several times. I have been in a revolving door of hospitals and rehabs, for the past four months, which is where I am now!

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After This Challenging Migration, Ole Doc Is Back Online!

Doc's Place BBS

After managing to migrate three WordPress blogs into a single large website, my newest creation is finally online. Normally doing a project like this is a charm. But I chose a different brand of web server from Switzerland, Plesk Obsidian. When it was finally done, all 22GB of it containing several new domains came crashing down as Plesk is famous for. Normally my websites are hosted on WHM/cPanel, but the license fee alone is expensive. When spinning up a web hosting instance it requires a server package. cPanel is the…

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Is Raytheon Building A Super Weapon?

‌If You Don’t Believe The Maui, Lahaina, Hawaii Fires Were Caused By DEWs (Direct Energy Weapons) Already, You Will Now
‌ANTARCTICA: “Atmospheric Research Observatory I witnessed myself a very powerful green laser shooting out of the top of this facility into the cosmos”
‌They informed me that all of my information will be recorded for public record and shared with Congress. It is that important. In 2010, I was selected to go down to the South Pole Station in Antarctica for an entire year by Raytheon Polar…

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Despite Rumors Saying Doc Died, He’s Still Online!

doc still online

Despite the rumors that are circulating in Cyberspace saying Doc died. It’s fake news. The good Internet Doctor is still online! The last three months have been really rough. I’ve been in two hospitals, one of them three times. Been in and I am still in one of the three now. It all started with a fall I had at Church on May 14th 23. They were having a blood drive and I climbed aboard the coach and started climbing the stairs. The next thing I remember is falling backward.…

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The M2-F1 The Flying Bathtub Concey

In 1962, FRC Director Paul Bikle approved a program to build a lightweight, unpowered lifting body as a prototype to flight test the wingless concept. It would look like a “flying bathtub,” and was designated the M2-F1. Built by sailplane designer Gus Briegleb, it featured a plywood shell placed over a tubular steel frame crafted at the FRC. Construction was completed in 1963. The first flight tests saw the M2-F1 towed aloft by a hopped-up Pontiac convertible driven at speeds up to 120 mph across Rogers Dry Lake. These initial…

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Lost Everything I Owned In This Failed Relationship

Debbie Griswold

She, (Debra Williams Griswold) told me to move out of her house in two weeks, We had been together since 2020. I was paying her rent and buying most of the food. She found someone else and moved out of town. What her family did to me was unimaginable. I lost everything I owned with the exception of my car and three garbage bags with my clothes stuffed inside! She moved out in two weeks and i suffered a fall at a church event. Broke two ribs and mangled my…

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Williams-Sonoma Christmas Grinch Fires Employees Via Conference Call


Williams-Sonoma is FidoSysop’s Christmas Grinch of the year! Apparently, the home goods giant’s company bean counters decided that seasonal work from home employees would be fired two days before Christmas Eve. What’s even worse was how the upscale home goods retailer handled their employee firings. They gathered those to be forced on conference zoom calls and a recording said you’re fired. The crap hit the fan with at least one employee recording her conference call! Daily Mail UK reports: Home goods giant Williams-Sonoma has fired scores of remote workers in…

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State Farm Drive Safe & Save Bluetooth Beacon And App Review

state farm drive safe & save app

State Farm Insurance Company has their Drive Safe & Save app that is designed for older cars that do not record driver’s habits. When inquiring about a recent rate increase, my agent suggested drive safe & save beacon and iPhone app to receive a monthly discount. First, let me start out by saying. I’ve been driving for over 50 years without an accident. My last traffic citation was in 1983 with a Kawasaki GPZ-1100 Motorcycle that was sold a year later, and I haven’t had a ticket since! 😎 Update…

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Roku Subscribers May Lose YouTube TV Subscription

roku youtube tv

Received an email from today saying negotiations between them and Google had broken down. The email went on to say, their subscribers may lose access to YouTube TV. Roku is concerned about unfair demands from Google concerning their user’s data. Why is it the big guys are always trying to dropkick the little guys in the nuts? Money and Power just like the Biden Admin! In my personal opinion, this is nothing more than a big-tech power play to force TV viewers back to the cable companies. Just like…

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Merry Christmas 2020 To America From The Good Internet Doctor

merry christmas america 2020

Merry Christmas America. This blog post will serve two purposes. First off to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. And my thoughts about what’s in-store for America in 2021 politically. Lets start off with this beautiful Christmas song shared by a friend on Facebook ? We are all here on earth because our father god’s good graces and blessings. Jesus Christ died for our sins and blesses us all every day. While many people do not believer in God, I’m a solid believer and thank him daily for…

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Large Fleet Of Rental Cars Burn In Grassy South Florida Field

rental cars burn

An estimated 3500 rental cars burned in a grassy south Florida field over the weekend. Many others were saved by quick acting firefighters. While no apparent cause for the blaze was listed, chances are the cars HOT Catalytic Converters set the fire coming in contact with the dry grass. 😥 According to flames tore through an overflow parking area near the Southwest Florida International Airport on Friday, destroying thousands of rental cars and creating a huge spectacle in the process. Witnesses say they saw and heard multiple small explosions…

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