Christmas Will Be Here Soon, So Don’t Forget About Jesus Christ!

Christmas Is Christ Baby Jesus Manger

It’s hard to believe that Christmas will soon be upon us. And this morning I’m reminiscing way back to when I was a young boy. Times were so magical back then with a black and white TV and everything was low tech. As a child all i could think about was Santa Clause and opening up presents on Christmas morning. As an adult I have not forgotten the true meaning of Christmas, which is celebrating the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ! Everything is so commercialized, but lacks the true…

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It’s Just Another Day In Rehab!

Doc in rehab

Just a quick post because I’m bored tonight. Honestly, I’ve never been in a situation like this in my life. After a love affair went horribly wrong, I was homeless and lost everything I owned but my car and clothes. The nasty tumble I took on 05/14/23 caused problems walking and I’ve fallen several times. I have been in a revolving door of hospitals and rehabs, for the past four months, which is where I am now!

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