DeSantis Desolves Squatters Rights With FL’s HB-661 Law!

Florida HB-621

Ron DeSantis, Florida’s “For The People Governor,” once again stood up for Florida residents and homeowners dealing with squatters commandeering their homes under Squatter’s Rights. DeSantis effectively ended what he calls the squatter scam in Florida. HB-621 (2024) gives cops the power to remove offenders quickly! FlGov Reports: ORLANDO, Fla.—Today,…

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More Solid Proof That Democrats HATE America!

DHS Snuggling Operation

If anyone is looking for excellent proof that Democrats HATE America, this example takes the cake, as the old saying goes! 😡 Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) posted this on Elon Musk’s X Platform. “Every Democrat voted tonight to continue flying at least 320,000 illegal aliens per year into the U.S.…

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Will America Soon Be A Third-World Country?

Market Crash,

I learned from reputable sources that America will soon join the Third World Country Club. Wake Up Folks! For those of you who are faithful mainstream network watchers who believe America is in good financial shape, there’s no need to worry. But America is BROKE and Trillions in debt. And…

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Mark Levin: Our Homeland Is Being Destroyed!

sec hacked

You Gotta Love, ole Mark Levin. When he gets wound up, pay attention. He and I, among other MAGA Republicans, can see the picture here. As he says in this FoxNews video, Our Country IS Being Destroyed! And it is Marxism being pushed by the Democratic Party, whose motto is,…

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Steamy Cell Phone Data Proves Willis & Wade Lied Under Oath

Nathan Wade’s cell phone records.

The lawyers for President Trump have Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade’s cell phone records. And it’s bad for Fulton County DA Fani Willis. The lovers LIED Under Oath about when their affair started. That would put any of us in the poke, but being Democrats, they will get a slap on…

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Letitia James: What NY Has Become Under Democrat Leadership!

Letitia James

And I’m not only referencing all The murders, and crimes that are way out of control, with no sign of even being brought under control. I’m talking about politics overruling the American Justice System. Donald Trump, his adult sons, and their chief associates in the Trump Organization’s sprawling real-estate empire…

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X Playing Looped Audio Clip Of Biden’s Classifieds

Trump Rally Today

I grabbed my iPhone, tapped the X icon (formerly Twitter), and heard Tucker Carlton’s voice talking about Joe Biden’s latest found classified documents. These were from the days when Millions of greenbacks were flowing into the alleged Biden Crime Family. I first restarted my iPhone, yet the audio was still…

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Big Tech To Censor Free Speech By Rigging The 2024 Election

Google Algorithm

We know Big Tech stole the 2020 election; we have all seen the evidence. 2000 Mules was spot on in tracking the ballot stuffer’s smartphone GEO data. Probably the biggest offender is Google, who reverse-engineered their algorithm where anything Trump damaging shot to the top of the SERPs. While anything…

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Tucker Carlson X Full Interview Vladimir Putin From Moscow RU

Tucker Carlson X

Update 02/08/24: Tucker Carlson X’s full interview with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia, Video credit, Tucker/X/Rumble. This mission that Tucker and his crew paid for the trip to Russia themselves, and no government or corporate entity contributed to the funding. We’re in Moscow to Interview Vladimir Putin . Video credit,…

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America Is Hopping On The Trump MAGA Train!

Amazon Prime

The American people have primarily decided who their next President of The United States should be. Guess who? It’s not Bidenomics Joe Biden who has made our homeland the laughing stock of the word in over three years. The only four-lettered word America wants to hear is MAGA, which has…

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