IS Google AI It’s SEO Future? Updates Its Search Guidelines

Google AI

We’re seeing increasing use of Artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s tech. So it was no surprise when Google gave some of its quality search raters their pink slips, which puzzled the SEO community. IS AI the Google SEO Future? After firing some search quality raters, Google sparked some questions in…

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A Botnet Attacked My Server BUT TGF Backups!

WordPress 6.4.2 Security Alert SSR Botnet

Doc got whacked by a Botnet that somehow broke through my security and CloudFlares as well. It’s a possibility they got in through a so-far unpatched version of WordPress 6.4.2. I was doing site maintenance and noticed all the site images were not loading. Logging Into my shared hosting account…

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Windows 11 Turning Your Favorite Software Into Dinasaurware

Windows 11 Dinosaurware

Another Windows 11 nightmare that I’ve been trying to resolve since buying my new generic notebook computer. Like what seems to be every new computer today comes with Windows 11. And no doubt, some of our sunny paradise retirees like me have difficulty seeing the fine print. Chances are I’ve…

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WordPress High-Performance Speed Tips From The Good Internet Doctor

wordpress high-performance

WordPress HIGH-Performance is a must these days whether you’re an independent blogger like me or running a Political or Corporate website. WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that powers around sixty percent of the web worldwide. It’s well supported and has an array of plugins that make optimizing…

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WHM cPanel Acquired By Oakley Capital Raises License Fees

cPanel license fee increase

Running WHM / cPanel hosting cloud instance? cPanel has new multi tiered pricing. It’s no doubt that cPanel is the best web server software on the net, but from what I’m reading starting on 09/01/19. Licensees will be billed by how many account’s (domains) are hosted on an instance. Looks…

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