My Healthcare Malpractice Horror Story After A Crippling Fall

On May 14th, 2023, I fell from a blood collection bus at church. I was 71 at the time and had never donated blood, but believing in God, I took it as a sign from the the Lord that I should do it after the service. I entered the Community Blood Services mobile unit and encountered two more steps. I started heading up but could feel myself falling backward and tumbling out of the bloodmobile mobile unit, landing hard on my left side. People came running from the Church of the Wildwood in Spring Hill, FL. What happened afterward is a horror story, so I am writing this report. Nobody should be misdiagnosed and put through what I have! 😓

The Rehab I am staying in has a broken bed. There is a bar or something sharp sticking into my spine and it’s caused two sores on my butt. I’ve been practically been begging for another bed, and have got nowhere. They are short no doubt because some Corporate Bean Counter ran the numbers and said how many staff should get a pink slip. They canned my doctor. Rumor is he was being overpaid!

Also, as a hobbyist webmaster and blogger, I consider myself a Citizen Journalist. I was born in St Petersburg, Florida, in 1952, and am from the old school when business was earned the old-fashioned way, by word of mouth. I have found out since this ordeal began, and it is still ongoing; as it’s often said, “It’s all about Benjamin’s Baby!” 🤑

This report is in its beginning. My word has always been my bond. As part of my Florida Cracker style, I do not believe in “beating around the bush or sugarcoating anything.” As part of a new trend of citizen journalists, I promise these will be the facts. Also, considering privacy concerns, I will not name any facilities or staff names at this time but reserve the right to do so later if warranted. For further info on who I am and my political MAGA beliefs, see the home page of this website,

Yesterday, after a trip to a cardiologist that was canceled the second time with the same doctor when I returned, I discovered someone had poured water over the keyboard. I put it outside, hoping the sun would dry it, but nope, it was not happening with my luck!

Updated 03/10/24: It’s Sunday morning, and I’ve been up with the chickens today. My bed is still broken. When I raise it up, the top leans to the left, forcing me to lie sideways. Management’s solution is to roll up a blanket and shove it under my left shoulder. One of the management team promised to swap out the bed earlier in the week, but it never was done. But my TV was finally fixed after being told they were on order two months ago. I could go to Amazon and buy one for $100 and have it the next day.

Last night, I interrupted a staffer who was Berrating my roommate. Boy, he told me off, saying I didn’t have the right to interrupt him and also told me it was none of my concern. I respectfully told him that person was a friend of mine, and I felt he was being mistreated, so I made it my business to say so. The patient wanted a cup of ice but was told he would have to wait; he had other patients to care for.

Another corporation recently bought this facility and fired my doctor and others. The buzz through the grapevine was they were being paid too much. Last week, one evening, only two CNAs showed up for work. Another staffer said a 12-hour shift was needed because they were short-staffed. The place is not as spick and span as the previous owners kept it, but is acceptable. The food went from great to hog slop, in my opinion. I’m dieting and have lost about 80 pounds since my fall last year, with 20 pounds to reach my goal. Hopefully, I can knock that 20 pounds off easily in a month.

Reparations Owed To Americans
The good Internet doctor in 1981 with a pager and a pocket full of change, Image credit, Me!

That’s blood in my bed—it is from a sore, now two sores near my tailbone. I’m 6, 2, and the bed is too short; that’s not management’s fault. There is some steel metal bar right below my tailbone when the bed is raised up, which has caused these sores to be bleeding on my bed. I have suggested they improvise by putting a bed pad under the matrics, but communication is also lacking here.

This driver drove worse than me when I was a teenager. He was Spanish and a good guy. I nicely gave him a few tips on how to drive with wheelchair clients!
This has been a nightmare for me. Was transported here last month and the appointment was cancelled. Now the second appointment is also cancelled!
The lights are on but nobody’s home. Ain’t this just like Corporate America? Gotta bean counters crunching the numbers and preparing pink slips!

I'm a Single original Floridian at 72 and still going. strong! I'm also a MAGA Republican and vocal Donald J. Trump supporter.. Lets face the facts Joe and his corrupt three letter agencies have forgot about our constitution! There IS but one choice for America, that's 🇺🇸 MAGA! 🇺🇸 Our fearless leader will be expanding GITMO soon! ☒