Illegal Migrants Must Be US Citizens To Vote!

US Citizen Voters

It seems to me that some judges (possibly liberal) are abusing their judicial power. This two-way legal system needs to change if our great country is to prosper. Regardless, those who do not like Potus45 Donald Trump and other MAGA Republicans like me who support him, that’s our right as…

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Nothing Hurts Worse Than The Truth, Huh Google??

googlr blacklisted

Today I checked 52FLC.ORG SERPS and Discovered that Google is Blackballing my little hobbyist blog. They are telling anyone who searches for me and my blog that the content may not be reliable. What this boils down to is MAGA content, and Google, who is the official gatekeeper of Big…

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DeSantis Desolves Squatters Rights With FL’s HB-661 Law!

Florida HB-621

Ron DeSantis, Florida’s “For The People Governor,” once again stood up for Florida residents and homeowners dealing with squatters commandeering their homes under Squatter’s Rights. DeSantis effectively ended what he calls the squatter scam in Florida. HB-621 (2024) gives cops the power to remove offenders quickly! FlGov Reports: ORLANDO, Fla.—Today,…

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More Solid Proof That Democrats HATE America!

DHS Snuggling Operation

If anyone is looking for excellent proof that Democrats HATE America, this example takes the cake, as the old saying goes! 😡 Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) posted this on Elon Musk’s X Platform. “Every Democrat voted tonight to continue flying at least 320,000 illegal aliens per year into the U.S.…

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Will America Soon Be A Third-World Country?

Market Crash,

I learned from reputable sources that America will soon join the Third World Country Club. Wake Up Folks! For those of you who are faithful mainstream network watchers who believe America is in good financial shape, there’s no need to worry. But America is BROKE and Trillions in debt. And…

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Whatever Happened To U.S.A Law and Order

law and order

I just read in a tweet that U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman had ruled that an illegal immigrant’s Second Amendment rights were violated when he was charged with unlawfully possessing firearms. Maybe we should be locking insane judges up in Joe Biden’s America? Whatever happened to Law and Order?…

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Mark Levin: Our Homeland Is Being Destroyed!

sec hacked

You Gotta Love, ole Mark Levin. When he gets wound up, pay attention. He and I, among other MAGA Republicans, can see the picture here. As he says in this FoxNews video, Our Country IS Being Destroyed! And it is Marxism being pushed by the Democratic Party, whose motto is,…

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Missouri SUES Planned Parenthood Over Abortion Trafficking

planned parenthood

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey today announced a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood Great Plains after an undercover investigation captured employees offering to assist a 13-year-old obtain a secret inter-state abortion without parental consent – a violation of Missouri state law. Bailey stated,“This lawsuit is a direct result of the investigation…

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Label those who were involved Domestic Terrorists!

Trump blames ‘Biden’s border invasion’ for Laken Riley murder, vows ‘largest deportation operation’ if voted for President 2024! 🇺🇸 Gotta love ❤️ it Donald Trump beat her in her own state, Yeah, McDonald’s should work out well for her. I’ll have two big macks and a supersized order of…

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Steamy Cell Phone Data Proves Willis & Wade Lied Under Oath

Nathan Wade’s cell phone records.

The lawyers for President Trump have Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade’s cell phone records. And it’s bad for Fulton County DA Fani Willis. The lovers LIED Under Oath about when their affair started. That would put any of us in the poke, but being Democrats, they will get a slap on…

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