It’s 2:15 AM, And I’m Still Doing Crash Recovery

I’m up before the chickens. I haven’t been able to sleep since I stayed up all night. I woke up around 11:30 this morning and napped most of my afternoon. I can do more at night because this WiFi is at its best when everyone else sleeps.

me in 2023

I rewrote all three articles lost in last Saturday’s server crash from hell, which was my fault. But as the old saying goes, crap happens, and with my luck, it’s always me. Here’s one of my slick webmaster tricks. Recovering web content from cache.

As blog posts and other web content are indexed in search, the crawling bot takes a snapshot of the post or page’s content. Look for a small triangle after the listed title line when searching for something on the net. Clicking that triangle will pop up a little box that says Cache. Clicking or tapping that cache button will reveal the page’s content when added to the search index.

I was able to recover all four posts, including one that was an apology letter to my last love that ended suddenly, and it was mostly my fault that our relationship ended. I felt guilty and had to write her a letter, but since she had moved to another city and I had no way to contact her, I do have a big heart, but not many can figure me out. Oh well at 72 I’m still going through a fall that has slowed me way down

This project is turning into an all-nighter. It’s now 3:50 AM, and I was trying to do a screen video of pulling up a post cache on and activating this CoPilot thing that spoke highly about me. I wouldn’t try that with Google. They would say: “He is a MAGA Republican and an enemy of the deep state that’s going to defeat Trump!” 😎

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