Nothing Hurts Worse Than The Truth, Huh Google??

googlr blacklisted

Today I checked 52FLC.ORG SERPS and Discovered that Google is Blackballing my little hobbyist blog. They are telling anyone who searches for me and my blog that the content may not be reliable. What this boils down to is MAGA content, and Google, who is the official gatekeeper of Big…

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DeSantis Desolves Squatters Rights With FL’s HB-661 Law!

Florida HB-621

Ron DeSantis, Florida’s “For The People Governor,” once again stood up for Florida residents and homeowners dealing with squatters commandeering their homes under Squatter’s Rights. DeSantis effectively ended what he calls the squatter scam in Florida. HB-621 (2024) gives cops the power to remove offenders quickly! FlGov Reports: ORLANDO, Fla.—Today,…

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Patriot Ron DeSantis Would Make A Great VP47

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis is a true patriot and strong conservative. He did the right thing a Southern Gentleman does by graciously suspending his presidential campaign and endorsing America’s next President, Donald J. Trump! ❤️ I am Ed Koon, an original FL Cracker and lifelong Floridian who turned 72 yesterday. I have…

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Trump And DeSantis Should Team Up To Eradicate The Swamp!

Trump and DeSantis

In my humble opinion, Donald Trump & Ron DeSantis should team up to Eradicate the D.C. Swamp. It does not make sense to start a feud the Hatfields and McCoys would be jealous of, which is gaining traction after Ron’s public statement on the Soros Funded Manhatten DA Alvin Bragg’s…

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Florida Transgender Ban On Young Children Takes Effect Today

Florida transgender ban

Florida transgender ban on young children is now law and takes effect today. Florida doctors could lose their medical licenses if they order puberty blockers, hormone therapy, or surgery for minors diagnosed with gender dysphoria, under a Florida Board of Medicine rule. Governor Ron DeSantis is among other GOP politicians…

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FL Gov Ron DeSantis Ends Disney’s Reedy Creek Exemption

disney reedy creek

FL Gov Ron DeSantis Ends Disney’s Reedy Creek Exemption today. Walt Disney corporate had the sweetest deal in Florida back in the 60s that allowed itself to be self-governing. Earlier someone was buying a large amount of land in central Florida. Soon the word got out that the buyer was…

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Florida Mail-In Ballot Without Serial Or ID Numbers. Weak Link?

Florida Mail-In Ballot

Due to a disability, I requested my Florida mail-in ballot which does not have a serial number. On the return envelope there is an identification or serial number, name, and barcode next to the signature box, but not on the actual ballot itself. I’m assuming the signature verification is done…

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Hannity Town Hall 10/27/22 DeSantis, Rubio, Scott, Instant Replay

Hannity Town Hall 10/27/22

Last night’s Hannity Town Hall 10/27/22 from Florida lit up the gold coast evening. The guests were FL Gov. Ron DeSantis and his wife Casey. Marco Rubio took the stage next. Followed by FL Senator and former governor Rick Scott. Casey DeSantis who is now 100% cancer free talked about…

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Former Charlie Crist Colleagues Endorse FL Gov. Ron DeSantis!

Charlie Crist Colleagues

Further driving a nail in the Crist campaign’s coffin, former Charlie Crist Colleagues and staffers endorse FL Gov. Ron DeSantis for governor. According to a source familiar with the campaign, Democrat gubernatorial candidate’s former colleagues and staff have unanimously endorsed Governor Ron DeSantis for re-election. As a lifelong Florida resident,…

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Ron DeSantis vs Charlie Crist Debate 10/24/22 Instant Replay

DeSantis vs Crist Debate

Ron DeSantis vs Charlie Crist Debate 10/24/22 Instant Video Replay. If you missed this debate between our beloved Ron DeSantis and Charlie Crist it is a must-watch midterms debate. No matter how hard Crist tried to cut down DeSantis he failed miserably. Charlie hammered the abortion narrative hard and brought…

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Fiery Debate of Marco Rubio and Val Demings, Instant Replay

Debate of Marco Rubio

Fiery Debate of Marco Rubio and Val Demings, instant replay (full) 10/18/22. Wow talk about a cat on a hot tin roof, Margo Rubio ripped Val Demings to shreds. Demings despite being in Congress for several years has not passed a single bill. As the TV ads claim Demings is…

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Ron DeSantis Completes Pine Isle FL Bridge Repairs In 3 Days

Pine Island FL Bridge

Ron DeSantis completes Pine Isle FL bridge repairs in 3 days. On Sunday, Governor DeSantis directed FDOT to work with Lee County to expedite work and complete repairs of the sunshine state’s Pine Isle bridge by Saturday, October 8. Work began on Monday and FDOT crews worked hard to finish…

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Failed Gender Transition Of 12yo Female Student Attempts Suicide

Failed Gender Transition

Failed Gender Transition is raring its ugly head once again. The parents of a 12-year-old Florida girl who tried to hang herself twice at her school after ‘months of secret meetings about her gender identity are slamming the district staff who allegedly went behind their backs and created a double…

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FL State Attorney Andrew Warren Suspended By Ron DeSantis

Andrew Warren Suspended

FL State Attorney Andrew Warren was suspended by Gov. Ron DeSantis for ignoring Florida’s laws. Down south here in paradise we don’t put up with slackers who do not follow and enforce the law. If you don’t do your job you’re fired. It doesn’t get any simpler than that! This…

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