EMG Test Would Have Properly Diagnosed My Fall Injury!

It’s been since 05/14/23 when I fell from the Community Blood Center mobile collection unit at the church of the Wildwoods in Spring Hill FL. I can no longer walk and am confined to a wheelchair. As it turned out after about six months of rehab, that did not help me. I was finally properly diagnosed with nerve damage. A simple EMG test would have spared me seven months of unnecessary grief!😢

Fall risk and no sign of improvement 😪

All I know is that every time I was released from rehab I fell (my left leg would not hold me up, and down I went) so, another ER visit. Each time I was released from the hospital they medically transferred me back to rehab, and the process started all over again. I’ve lost most of my belongings, however, a simple EMG test would have spared me seven months of rehab hell!

And here is how an EMG Test is done. Painless and takes about fifteen minutes.

EMG Test Photograph

However, the SNF I am in now has said I need five more weeks of rehab, which I disagree with. My old body is crying out for help, and I’m doing my best to get it the help it needs. But it seems to me from the past seven months considering all the ERs and Rehabs I’ve been to, rehabs seem to be the standard process in dealing with patients like me.

On my first ER visit, an EMG test would have diagnosed my injury properly. Or, as my favorite old saying goes, It’s all about the Benjamins Baby! 💰 He scheduled an MRI that is needed to diagnose where my nerve is damaged. I had the MRI done last Saturday. And have a follow-up in March. Sure sounds like medical malpractice to me. An EMG test in the hospital could have diagnosed my problem in the beginning. I had a huge bruise and other damage to my left side.

EMG Test
Injuries From Fall Community Blood Bank of Hernando County FL

Oh well, a proper EMG test would have spared me all the rehab that possibly was not needed. Anyway, please pray for me, I need all the help I can get! 🙏

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