Where Did Instilling Good Values Into A Child’s Upbringing Go?

Instilling good values into my upbringing by my parents taught me a lot. But, today, society seems to be lacking those needed Instilled good values. I learned many values from my parents and the good people I’ve met in my 72 years on God’s good earth. Instilling good values into today’s society is severely lacking. Those values included common courtesy to others. Do not take others’ belongings, etc. When I went to school, God was in my classroom, and so was our American flag, to which we sang the National Emblem. Should we bring God and Prayer back to school?🙏

Reparations Owed To Americans
The good Internet doctor in 1981 with a pager and a pocket full of change, Image credit, Me!

I’ve never been charged with crimes and have not received a traffic citation since 1984. And that was with a Kawasaki GPZ1100 motorcycle. It was Pull Me Over (red/black), and it’s a miracle I didn’t kill myself driving it. Seriously, one reason I believe in our Father is God. He had to be riding in the back seat with me. 🙏

I had received many traffic citations but had an ace in my wallet. A guy I sold a dune buggy to was an attorney. We became good friends. At that time, the previous traffic citations I had received added the points on my driver’s license. One of my car dealer buddies commented that you will be the first used car dealer with no driver’s license!

I was about four points away from losing my driver’s license at that time, so it was time to pull that ace out of my wallet. So, I called my attorney buddy, who devised a clever plan. He made a deal with a judge to fine me a small sum and withhold the points on my driver’s license. So, as the months went by, I received more traffic citations. My ole buddy, the attorney, said, I’m running out of judges to shop you too!😎

One afternoon, I drove down 66th Street to my used car lot. The traffic signal ahead turned yellow, and a big truck was behind me. Knowing I could stop in time, I doubted the truck could stop. I hit the gas. Damn, a Pinellas Park traffic cop was sitting ahead. The truck ran the red light, and the cop came after us. Seeing the cop, I went the 45mph speed limit, and the truck sped past me. The cop pulled alongside me, motioning to pull over. He then went after the truck. I said to myself screw that!

Instilling good values
Doc’s used car lot back in 1977

I was about to get my wings permanently clipped. So, I cut down a side street, crossed Park Boulevard, and got back un 66th St, hauling ass southbound. Up ahead, I saw a Pinellas County sheriff’s Deputy with a speed gun pointed at me. I smiled as I flew past him. Up ahead, I cut behind a McDonald’s and heard a siren, and it was that Pinellas Park cop in his square-bodied Chevrolet sliding sideways, trying to make the turn.

As I headed to my car lot, two Sheriff’s Deputies cut me off. One was the deputy who I beat tickets he gave me in court. He jumped out of his cruiser and shouted at the top of his lungs. I finally got Ed Koon, and I’m taking him to jail! One just happened to be a Sargent to whom I had recently sold a used car. Finally, the deputy came with the speed gun. He motioned me to his cruiser and asked me how fast I was going. Oh, about the limit of 45mph. He held the back of his speed gun for me to see; it said 126mph. I’m thinking my driver’s license would be canceled cr.

Instilling good values

To make a story that is too long come to an end. They charged me with running a red light, careless driving, and speeding 126mph in a 45mph posted zone. When I took those tickets to my attorney buddy, he said, Son, you’re going to jail, but also said he would see what he could do. About a week later, he called and said, I got you a great deal. It was six months of Salvation Army probation and a $250 fine. The judge also withheld the points, saving my license. That was in late 1984, and I have not had a ticket since!

I started blogging about whatever happened to Instilled good Values, but as usual, I got sidetracked thinking about my motorcycle days. I’ve met many people in my life that I considered. friends but was quickly taken advantage of. That is what happens to easy-going folk like me. Thus, I have no friends, not even on Facebook. My last girlfriend was just using me and then kicked me out of her life when she found else. I can better manage my own life being alone. Though In times like this, I could use some company. In the past year, I have lost nearly 100 pounds, and really feel alive inside. The best I’ve felt in a few decades. Though I’m 72 I have a lot of life in me. Wanna take a walk on the wild side? Contact me! 😎

Instilling good values
Ed Koon Kissing Jareewan Lynch one last time at her funeral.

In 2008, the lord sent me an angel to clean me up; I drank and smoked and had a filthy mouth. She came to me and said, If you do not quit your evil ways, you will not live much longer. Thinking about my dad, who died from Emphazena of the lungs when I was 15, I made up my mind that she was correct and took her advice. I quit cold turkey that day. This was in February 2008; having those instilled Vaules, I never returned. I must again thank God for sending that angel, Jareewan Lynch, to me 🙏. The Lord called her home at Christmas 2019. I blogged this tribute to her life achievements on Christmas Eve while crying my eyes out, asking the lord what I did that was so horrible that he took her away from me. But others have said that God had someone else to save. Oh, well, I am alone again! 😢

I'm a Single original Floridian at 72 and still going. strong! I'm also a MAGA Republican and vocal Donald J. Trump supporter.. Lets face the facts Joe and his corrupt three letter agencies have forgot about our constitution! There IS but one choice for America, that's 🇺🇸 MAGA! 🇺🇸 Our fearless leader will be expanding GITMO soon! ☒