Limo Bob’s 100 Foot Cadillac Eldorado Limo Restored To Former Glory

100 foot cadillac eldorado

Limo Bob’s Guinness world-record-setting 100 Foot Cadillac Eldorado Limousine has been tastefully restored by a Florida man and is in as pristine condition as it was back in the ’70s when Limo Bob had it constructed. It’s sad that Bob Strausser passed away (RIP) before being able to see his once ‘pride and joy’ limousine restored to like brand new condition as built by Hollywood’s Jay Ohrberg 😎 Back in July 2017, I blogged this article with photos of Limo Bob’s classic 100ft Cadillac Eldorado limousine as it was when…

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Russian Built Bentley Ultratank The Off Road Bentley Continental GT

bentley ultratank

Check out this Russian Bentley Ultratank the wildest off-road Bentley ever conceived. The idea of chopping up a $150,000 Bentley Continental GT and turning it into a tank is wild. Watch this video of the luxury “Bentley Ultratank” bombing through dirt and over jumps. From JalopNik: I don’t speak Russian, and I’m not exactly an expert in tank engineering, but here’s what I gathered: The team built a giant tracked platform out of steel tubing. For suspension, they mounted four bogie assemblies on each side, each with a single pivoting…

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Whats Left Of Limo Bob’s 100 Foot Cadillac Eldorado Limousine

Limo Bob 100 FT Cadillac Eldorado

Limo Bob had this 70’s Cadillac Eldorado Limousine stretched to 100 feet. It made Guinness world record for the longest stretch limousine. It was in all his flyers, and ads. But if you called to rent it, there was always an excuse. They would claim it was booked for that night. If you tried to push it and say when can I rent it then? They would tell you the car was on tour with Aerosmith. Limo Bob has been said to be his own side show. It was claimed…

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1978 Cadillac Eldorado TAG Function Car / Mobile Executive Suite

Cadillac Eldorado TAG Function Car

This TAG Function Car / Mobile Executive Suite was built on the Cadillac Eldorado chassis, by Switzerland’s Franco Sbarro, and Techniques d’Avant Garde. It never caught on among the business elite class and ended up being a 3 ton failure. A coachbuilder who is not well met by most people. The Swiss Franco Sbarro , designed in 1978 for Cadillac, this strange looking variant called the TAG Function Car. It stood out in the crowd for having a very comfortable and wide interior, and also having six wheels. This model…

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Video Chase Scene From Classic Movie Bullitt With New Flare

Steve McQueen Bullitt Chase Scene With New Flare

Check out this amazing tribute video of the famous Steve McQueen “Bullitt” chase scene on the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit. The 1968 Charger with its hubcaps looks awesome, and the dark green Ford Mustang made this movie legendary. Compare it to the new Mustang Bullitt Special Edition! Greatest Hollywood Car Chase of All Time – Bullitt (1968) Mustang fans love this car chase scene and support this remake. In fact, you don`t have to be a Mustang fan in order to appreciate the original movie and this tribute video. A…

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1971 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Coupe Detroit’s Finest Land Yacht

1971 Chrysler Imperial Coupe

In the 70’s Chrysler produced this Imperial LeBaron Coupe. It was the Biggest American Luxury Car ever made. Weighing in at close to 7,000 Pounds it was huge, and sucked gas like mad. This car was often referred to as a boat. And no car was a bigger boat than the Chrysler Imperial LeBaron. This car, released in 1971, was the Moby Dick of automotive boats, and it set the standard for the really long cars of the 1970s. The holy child of a Chrysler New Yorker and the Dodge…

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Video: Watch These Crazy Nurburgring Car Crashes

Nürburgring Car Crashes

Check out this compilation of recent Nürburgring car crashes. Some drivers are overly ambitious, but not all of them. For every person who ends up in the grass after entering a corner a little too hot, it seems there’s at least one other person else who spins out in weather conditions way beyond their control. Perhaps it’s the quick tension of the initial loss of grip, and the release of the inevitable shunt. Maybe there’s something mesmerizing about seeing car after car lose it in the same corner. From Wikipedia…

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