Lost Everything I Owned In This Failed Relationship

Debbie Griswold

She, (Debra Williams Griswold) told me to move out of her house in two weeks, We had been together since 2020. I was paying her rent and buying most of the food. She found someone else and moved out of town. What her family did to me was unimaginable. I lost everything I owned with the exception of my car and three garbage bags with my clothes stuffed inside! She moved out in two weeks and i suffered a fall at a church event. Broke two ribs and mangled my…

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Jeffery Epstine Personal Calendar Lists Many Prominent Names

Jeffery Epstein's Personal Calendar

Jeffery Epstein Personal Calendar is raising eyebrows and is being mentioned by Fox News and today on his podcast Dan Bongino talked about it as well. It’s the talk of the town by pundits and journalists. But you’ll never see it mentioned in the mainstream media, which I refer to as the lamestream media. I’ve read that Facebook’s opinion checkers are labeling it as false. Below are pedophile island drone videos that good ole YouTube took down. I compiled all of them into a long single video and uploaded it…

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Alejandro Mayorkas Lies Again, Migrants Will Be Voters In 2024!

Alejandro Mayorkas lying

Alejandro Mayorkas Lies Again. Once again he lied his butt off saying the border was closed. These migrants will be Democrat voters in 2024. Y’all didn’t think the federal government is giving them cellphones, new clothes and shoes, and flying to many states at midnight for nothing? You can bet your bippy those Democrat-run battleground states will change whatever is needed to allow migrants to vote. Ballot stuffing with ZuckerBucks won’t work again. I think this post hits the nail-slap bang on the head! Wikipedia reports: Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas (born November…

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Tucker Carlson Spoke The Truth Which Crossed Dem’s, Red Line!

Tucker Carlson Truth

Tucker Carlson spoke the truth which crossed the democrat’s red line. This man is a hero that exposed the government’s corruption. He exposed the covid vaccine hustle that many Americans died of. Well, let me tell ya the old saying, you can’t keep the good guys down! Tucker put a video on Twitter last night that’s had more Tweet traffic than I’ve ever seen. He’ll be back! 🦅 and James O’Keefe is too! I’ll tell y’all, Twitter is the place to be since Elon Musk took ownership and cleaned house.…

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410 Gone WordPress Mod Tutorial

410 Gone For WordPress

I’ve made a few changes around here which is why this notification is auto-generated. Doc’s political archives have been moved to this subdomain , which is a more suitable place for them. Some other old stuff was removed as well. This created a HUGE SEO problem as there were thousands of URLs that were displaying the standard HTTP 404 page not found status code. This is a big SEO no-no as search engines will crawl those not found URLs (dead links) practically forever checking if they are back available. To…

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Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino Out At Fox News, Who’s Next?

Tucker Bongino Fox

Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino are out at Fox News. The Dominion lawsuit payout by Fox could be why. So don’t tune into Fox for Tucker or Dan Bongino because Tucker after meeting with Rupert Murdoch the two parted ways. The Dominion Settlement has been said to be $787.5 Million dollars. It’s been rumored that Dominion did cheat in the 2020 presidential election. And in 2000 Mules ZuckBucks did their share of ballot stuffing in swing states. Many of us on the right side believe the election was stolen by…

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Mark Levin Ballistic Over Six New Alleged Crime Family Members

Mark Levin Ballistic

Mark Levin Ballistic over six newly discovered crime family members that allegedly profited from Hunter Bidens influence peddling. Levin pointed out that the DOJ headed by Merrick Garland is corrupt. Garland is like a Mob Attorney protecting the Biden Family. Levin also called for states to file charges for government corruption, because it will never happen with America’s corrupt DOJ and FBI. Meanwhile, as Garland and Wray cover Joe’s butt, China is taking over America with nobody willing to stop them. News today is the Chinese had their own Secret…

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Tucker Carlson Elon Musk Interview Full Replay Part-1 04/17/23

Tucker Carlson Musk Interview

Tucker Carlson Elon Musk Interview full instant video replay part-1 04/17/23. This is a great must-watch interview about the perceived dangers of AI gaining control over humans. Mr. Musk talks about how one political party is programming AI to lie and even possibly rig elections. I must add this stuff can be outright spooky. Media spokesperson Jack Posibiek posted AI-created videos to Twitter recently. The first was of Alvin Bragg saying he was dropping all charges on Donald Trump. It fooled me and was later disclosed as Satire. The second…

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cPanel WHM Admins, Plesk Obsidian Is A Great FREE Alternative

Plesk Obsidian Review

cPanel WHM Admins, Plesk Obsidian is a great FREE Alternative. cPanel is without a doubt a great platform but is also the most costly. As a hobbyist, I was paying $39.00 for an Admin 5 domain license plus the host’s VPS server charges. Last month my hosting bill was $106.00. So I started looking for a GUI alternative to WHM and cPanel. I’m not comfortable using a terminal doing command line tasks. My host, Vultr has many applications that can be spun up in a short time. After looking through…

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Lock Em Up, Crime In Our Once-Great Cities Is Out Of Control!

lock em up

Lock Em Up, Crime in our once-great cities is out of control. People are Dying, Robbed, Raiped, Etc. Today Jim Jordan on the House Judiciary Committee hosts a hearing on crime in NYC. But Jerry Nadler is quick to point his finger at Republican states. In my opinion, Nadler always lies and is a practiced liar who lies with no conscience. He had the unmitigated Gaul to say crime is worse in Republican states. And that NYC sees a crime decrease and brags about the good job Brooklyn DA Alvin…

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GOP Could Lose 2024 IF Conservatives Stay Banned By Big Tech

GOP Could Lose 2024

GOP Could Lose 2024 Elections if Conservatives and Republicans stay blocked by big tech. When I say blocked I mean not only being shadowbanned. But also being unable to get indexed in searches because the website is all about MAGA and debunking lies and falsehoods by the other side’s party. It’s a proven fact that Bing is refusing to index websites that support Donald Trump. And Google is about the same. Big tech is the Internet Gatekeeper who decides what we find when searching their manipulated indexes! I’m an independent…

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What’s Going On With Twitter? Is The Government Still Running It?

Protect Yourself

What’s going on with Twitter? Is the Democratic-controlled government still running it? I’ll start out by saying my FidoSysop account’s profile was locked after I started updating my profile. After updating my description and checking how it looked. Then I attempted to shorten my account name to just FidoSysop and updated the photo. At that time I received this notification. Your profile is under review. No new changes are allowed to the name and profile photo during the review period. It’s been well over a week with no reply from…

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Donald Trump’s Full Interview With Tucker Carlson At Mar-A-Lago

Trump Tucker Interview

Donald Trump’s full interview with Tucker Carlson at West Palm Beach’s beautiful Mar-a-Lago resort on 04/11/23. This video Trump interview is a must-watch for a wide range of subjects y’all don’t want to miss. Donald and Tucker talked about the most bumbled pull-out of Afghanistan leaving Millions of dollars of our military equipment behind along with many Americans and service dogs who were released to fend for themselves. When their interview moved to the nuclear war subject, the horrid look on the tucker’s face as Trump explained that the world…

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Nuclear WW3 Is America Ready

Nuclear WW3

Nuclear WW3, is America ready? With such a disastrously weak administration calling the shots, It may not be long before all hell breaks out! Even Donald Trump warned ‘all-out nuclear WW3’ is on the horizon in his live stream after being charged in the NYC Get Trump witch hunt. Last night on the Hannity show, Sean showed an animated air strike launched in Taiwan broadcast on China State TV. The U.S. Dollar used to represent America’s strength, but has gotten so weak several countries may soon not accept it! Mark…

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Donald Trump Indicted By Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s Grand Jury

Donald Trump Indited

Donald Trump Indicted By Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s Grand Jury. Are you ready to stand up and peacefully protest these politically driven charges unfairly brought upon our MAGA King? The last I heard yesterday was Bragg’s grand jury was recessing for a month. My girlfriend told me she read it on Facebook. I said that’s fake news. But after searching with duckduckgo there it was! 🤬 The Redline Was Crossed, Now What? (Ep. 1981) 03/31/2023. Video credit, Bongino/Rumble AP reports: A Manhattan grand jury has voted to indict Donald Trump…

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