X Playing Looped Audio Clip Of Biden’s Classifieds

Trump Rally Today

I grabbed my iPhone, tapped the X icon (formerly Twitter), and heard Tucker Carlton’s voice talking about Joe Biden’s latest found classified documents. These were from the days when Millions of greenbacks were flowing into the alleged Biden Crime Family. I first restarted my iPhone, yet the audio was still…

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America Is Hopping On The Trump MAGA Train!

Amazon Prime

The American people have primarily decided who their next President of The United States should be. Guess who? It’s not Bidenomics Joe Biden who has made our homeland the laughing stock of the word in over three years. The only four-lettered word America wants to hear is MAGA, which has…

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We Need A President To Unite All Of America! 🇺🇸

Unite America

Yes, The American People are fed up with the Democratic Party driving a wedge between us. It makes no sense to keep the blacks and other minorities living in the hood. After all, we’re all God’s children trying to raise our families; many of us are just getting by, living…

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Starbucks Fires 2 Baristas Who Prevented Robbery


What is the worst crime? Two armed scumbags robbed a Starbucks and two hero baristas heroically saved the store they worked at from being stolen. Or the Starbucks Corporate Dirtbag who handed these two heroes their pink slips? This, my friend, IS Joe Biden’s America! RFT News Reports: On Sunday,…

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Patriot Ron DeSantis Would Make A Great VP47

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis is a true patriot and strong conservative. He did the right thing a Southern Gentleman does by graciously suspending his presidential campaign and endorsing America’s next President, Donald J. Trump! ❤️ I am Ed Koon, an original FL Cracker and lifelong Floridian who turned 72 yesterday. I have…

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Trump Won Song by Natasha Owens Crank Up Yer Speakers

Trump Won

Yep – Trump won and y’all dang well know it’s the truth! Dirty Democrats and the bought and manipulated media are trying him in their corrupt court of public opinion based on lies and mistruths they are spewing. Sorry if I offend anyone but, the Republican Party Has Absolutely No…

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