I’ve Got The Big Tech Gatekeeper Blues

Yep, I’ve got the big tech gatekeeper blues. In January 2024, my site used 299GB of bandwidth. It must be nosy bots checking into what the good old Cracker State boy Doc is doing. Traffic is not coming here, that’s for sure, thanks to the gatekeepers. Google, Bing, and Facebook run this show!

What’s up with this? I’m just an old Florida Cracker and fan of Donald Trump. This is worse than Facebook Jail!. Please watch this whole video and pay attention to what I have to say.

From The US Constitution 1st Amendmet: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress.

US Constitution 1st Amendment
Factually keeping up with what is going on in American politics today

But I’m persistent and gatekeepers will not gv up. Just like learning another webmaster task, I’m also dyslexic and have been dyslexic since I was a teenager. I’ve never been able to learn anything from a book. I read one page and can not remember what I just read when turning the page. I learn tech by trial and error using another domain as an Alpha and Beta test site. I figured out a faster way to migrate WordPress or anything that uses a MySQL database. The Internet is my study, and my computer is my classroom; that works for me!

Doc Birthday
Here I am at age 8 I believe emitting on my Uncle Bill’s new Massey Ferguson tractor in Wildwood Florida

Some folks think I’m just some dumb Cracker State hick and senile old man. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but I have learned better from the gatekeepers of Bidennomics. Over the years, I’ve realized how to get around my dyslexia to learn many uncommon things that others wouldn’t have a clue about. At 23, I was the youngest Florida state-licensed used car dealer, buying and fixing up $100 cars and selling them on buy-here pay-here.

Florida Cracker
Doc’s used car lot back in 1977

When the EPA and other government officials met on DuPont’s golf course and decided that automotive refrigerant (R-12) was damaging the ozone and required an ASE and MACS certificate to purchase R-12, I took the ASE test and passed the test with a 98. I never studied for the test and missed one question. Mobile Air Conditioning Society only wanted $50! As I often say, It’s all about the Benjamins Baby! 😇

As I got older, $100 cars became unavailable, and working on the front-wheel drive was a nightmare. Manufacturers were building the chassis with the engine, transmission, and air conditioning compressors as one unit and lowering the body onto the chassis. Rather than having a single wiring harness, an enormous plug was attached to the body. One can be lowered out of the body in 15 minutes to complete repairs. God help anyone who had to work under the hood! About then, I was getting burned out on fixing cars.

In 1991, I acquired an old-time IBM clone PC. It had a modem, and I called local bulletin board systems (BBS). It wasn’t long before I put one online running Wildcat V2.55s. This was before the Internet was made avalible to the public. There was a new satellite system out that transmitted the Fido net Echomail. It was caled echomail because any Sysop that joined a conference, their node received a copy of the messages. We had transfered the mail at night when long distance rates were their lowest. But with the new Planet Connect satelite receiver and three foot dish we no longer had to transfer the mail via modem. We mounted the roof and fed other nodes.

So things were going good and those of us that shared the feed chipped in on the subscripton cost which i belive was $45 month. But trouble was brewing. A few weeks later the City of StPetersburgs codes inspector knocked on my door. The prick was being an asshole and said had to go down to city hall and pull a permit. They also required a structional enineer certify the instalation would withstand 120 MPH winds. whh i coul understand for the old 10-12 foot dishes, but mine needed a permit.

Big Tech Gatekeepers
Doc’s place computer bulletin board system on the Fidonet network

I was in the car business at the time and at the auction a 1981 Datsun F-10 came rolling across the block. It was a tradein unit from a new car store. It spent its life sitting at Mac Dill AFB and had a lot of rust from the salt air. tIt ran and drove like new. I bought it for $80 and a $20 boock fee. Calld up the boys and said I found a place to put our Planet Connect dish. I told them about the car i just bought and said we’re going to drill holes in the roof and mount it on the car.

Droolnet Headquaters Planet Connect
This 3 foot planet-connect satellite dish was mounted on a $100 car to get around local codes compliance.

This was on Friday afternoon One of the Droolnets members skillfully put the lettering on the dish. Cops were driving by looking at that car with a satelite dish on its roof. Come Monday morning here came the codes inspector and he was real angry. He said “you cant do that either, we call that an acessory struture” To which i replied,Excuse me, I’m a a licensed Florida State motor vehicle dealer. And furthermore thats what we call a used car! It has a then 10 day tempory tag and is street legal. So if you want to write my up for it, I’ll unhook the cable and park it infront of City Hall!

Fidonews Archive 08/14/2012 | Doc's Place BBS Online Fido News BBS Advertisement

Doc’s Place BBS was online for 32 years and was upgraded to Wildcat 5 BBB software withe Internet connect pack. This was in 1998 and after spamming the then about 900 mail conferences with an internet accesable BBS ad. Folks were looking to find an online bbs as dial up boards threw the switch off. For an internet connection I was line camping on MSN with a dual channel ISDN net connection 😎

Doc's Place BBS Fidonews Volume 27 Number 40 10/04/2010
Doc’s Place BBS Fidonews 2nd Article 2010

Unfortunatly for me. I talked about the fall a had last year in todays video. My latest love dumped me while I was in the rehab and her dauter and son-in-law came up and stole everthing I owned and sold it all. This included my mechanics and auto airconditioning repair equipment!

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