GOP Could Lose 2024 IF Conservatives Stay Banned By Big Tech

GOP Could Lose 2024

GOP Could Lose 2024 Elections if Conservatives and Republicans stay blocked by big tech. When I say blocked I mean not only being shadowbanned. But also being unable to get indexed in searches because the website is all about MAGA and debunking lies and falsehoods by the other side’s party. It’s a proven fact that Bing is refusing to index websites that support Donald Trump. And Google is about the same. Big tech is the Internet Gatekeeper who decides what we find when searching their manipulated indexes! I’m an independent…

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Locked Out Of Elon Musks Twitter For Unspecified Policy Violation

Elon Musk's Twitter Act Violation

Today I was locked out of Elon Musks Twitter for some unspecified policy violation. To be honest I have been wasting too much time reading, liking, and commenting on others’ tweets. All I know is my account is locked for 10 hours plus. I may also have to complete other requirements to access my $7.99 monthly Twitter Blue account. This action came after contacting Twitter support and asking why my account appears to be shadowbanned. I’ve tweeted that question to Musk who didn’t bother replying! 😥 Update 12/23/22: Apparently this…

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What Will Become Of Social Media Since The Election Was Rigged

Election Was Rigged

Since Social Media played a big part in America going to hell after Facebook and Twitter rigged the 2020 election, do we really need social media controlling our lives? It’s all about controlling the masses and spying on our everyday lives, and manipulating what we are allowed to consume. In my humble opinion, big tech has made it all too easy to share our lives with friends and family, but have they gone too far? Android devices listen to our conversations and spam our social acts with conversation-relevant ads. As…

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There’s Little Internet Visibility For Those On Big Tech’s Blacklist

trump rally

It’s become apparent there is little to no visibility on the Internet for those on big tech’s blacklist. Domain and Individuals Blacklists maintained by big tech and their social media partners have done a number on independent publishers like me. The net seemed like a blessing when it was first opened to the public in the mid-’90s. But it didn’t take long for Facebook to swoop in and grab ahold of and control our lives. Many would rather be repeatedly punished for their conservative, republican, and Trump supporter’s views rather…

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Facebook Fact-Checkers Wrong Again About MagaBook Social Website

Facebook fact-checkers wrong about magaook

Facebook’s often blatantly wrong fact-checkers are on the warpath. Last week I happened upon this conservative themed website called After looking around a bit, I was impressed how sweet it performed on my iPhone and registered an account. I shared MagaBook to my FidoSysop Facebook group and was immediately accused of spreading false information! 😡 So the fact-checkers were saying this website was False Information! looks legitamate to me, yet Facebook claims it contains false information. Clicking the information button, a pop up notice comes up that says…

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America Under Siege As Big Tech Purges Conservatives Online Hangouts

america under siege Trump declares d.c. state of emergency

America Under Siege as President Trump declares District Of Columbia emergency declaration . Big Tech and their Democrat partners purge popular Parler free speech social media website, attempting to force Conservatives and Trump supporters back to Facebook and Twitter. Forbes threatens to ruin any company who hires an member of the former Trump administration. ? America Under Siege is the proper term to use due to the recent events effecting our freedom! With democrats controlling the house and senate the big push is on to force conservatives and Trump supporters…

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Vimeo Partner With Big Tech Silencing Trump Supporters & Conservatives

vimeo joins big tech censoring Americans

Vimeo video host has joined forces with the rest of big tech silencing Conservatives and Trump Supporters. Yesterday I uploaded this video to my paid Vimeo Pro account. Shortly afterward they deleted my account, containing over 200 archived used car scam videos from a project in 2013. Shame on big tech for silencing our opinions and deleting my car scam video archive! Your content was removed for violating Vimeo’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Due to its proven capacity to stoke real-world violence, Vimeo does not allow content that…

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YouTube Removes Trump Dalton GA MAGA Rally Video For TOS Violation

maga rally youtube tos violtion

Today president Donald Trump’s Dalton GA MAGA Rally Video was removed by YouTube for a terms of service violation. It’s obvious with yesterdays GA Senate runoff election underway, Google did not want anyone in Georgia to see America’s best president ever speak the truth about election fraud! Google IS more powerful than the government. Donald Trump is our only hope to save America from socialist takeover. And that’s up to vice president Mike Pence to object to the electoral college states vote certification today. If Pence does not object it…

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In The Biden/Harris Admin Will Big-Tech Decide The Peoples’s Rights

biden harris admin

2021 will soon be upon us. So the big question is, will big-tech and social media monoliths be allowed to pick and choose what information we the American people are allowed to access? Theirs no doubt in my mind that content manipulation helped choose our new president elect, Joe Biden. I’ve been around the block a time or two and see first hand what’s happening with IT today. I’m a hobbyist blogger and retired / disabled used car dealer and ASE certified technician. I run this blog so i can…

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Biden And Media Cohorts Lied Then Stole The Election

So here we are 11/06/2020 and it will take a miracle for Donald Trump to be reelected for another four years. I’ll probably never ever vote again! It’s a crying shame that America allowed mail in ballots under the guise of Covid19. Sadly big tech won by shadowbanning and de-indexing conservative and Trump supporters voices. They pulled our pants down and screwed us in the ass! Social media is being heavily censored, Facebook is using left leaning fact checkers to strike posters accounts. Twitter is not much better. Jack and…

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Frontline Doctors Silenced AGAIN For Speaking Their Covid19 Opinions

frontline doctors silenced

Yesterday One American News Network (OANN) reported once again on the CoronaVirus Covid19 misconceptions. Another group of frontline-doctors spoke from the supreme court steps about covid19 misconceptions. Including a doctor who was FIRED for speaking out last time . America’s Frontline Doctors Summit II Deleted Video OANN Reports , A small group of medical experts from around the country are speaking out against misinformation on the coronavirus. The doctors gathered on the Supreme Court steps in the nation’s capitol Saturday morning to inform Americans not to be afraid of the…

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As Hunter Biden Burisma Emails Spread Big Tech Censorship Ramps Up

hunter biden burisma emails

Big Tech Censorship shifted into high gear today as news of the corrupt Biden Family (Joe and Hunter’s) Ukraine and China business dealings are shared through social media. We’ve known about Hunter And Joe Biden’s alleged corruption for a long time, but Hunter, obviously coked and boozed, up takes his laptop computer in for repairs and forgets about it. What a blooming idiot! ? It is said Twitter suspended white house press secretary Kayleigh McEnany account for sharing a New York Post article about Hunter Biden’s email treasure trove. Ted…

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Twitter Censors President Trump’s Unifying George Floyd Tribute Video

Healing Not Hatred

Twitter censored president Donald Trump’s unifying George Floyd tribute video. The official word from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is the media was removed by a copyright complaint. The video containing clips of rioting and looting, is covered by the doctrine of fair use rights. So Dorsey’s excuse is just more big tech censorship. We the people are sick of big tech censorship! President Trump’s message and tribute to George Floyd is below hosted in my private cloud ? President Donald Trump Unifying George Floyd Tribute Healing Not Hatred As reported…

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Big Tech War Is ‘Living In The End Times’ And Nobody’s Fault But Ours!

big tech war in the end times

American’s somehow seem to be okay with being censored by Big Tech. Liberal media is flat out LYING to American’s, yet folks flock to CNN and MSNBC (enter others here) to be fed the daily garbage. Google who owns YouTube decides for American’s what’s good for them to watch, and anything they don’t approve of is deleted from YouTube’s servers as a “terms of service violation.” The sad fact is the Obama admin allowed them to gain too much power. Google is so big they stifle any competition. I’m from…

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Tucker Blasts YouTube Taking Down Doctors CoronaVirus Research Video

Preston Tucker on YouTube Revoval

Tucker blasted the Third Reich of our modern time, Google owned YouTube, who removed California Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi popular coronavirus research video. Their video was shared and received millions of views, but was removed for violating YouTube policy. In Tuckers video interview CEO Susan Wojcicki accused Erickson and Massihi of spreading misinformation which was against Google’s policy. WRONG they were Censored by the Internet Gatekeeper! 😡 Susan Wojcicki defended her reasoning for removing Dr’s Erickson and Massihi’s popular coronavirus info video. What Wojcicki did not say was…

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