YouTube Removes Trump Dalton GA MAGA Rally Video For TOS Violation

Today president Donald Trump’s Dalton GA MAGA Rally Video was removed by YouTube for a terms of service violation. It’s obvious with yesterdays GA Senate runoff election underway, Google did not want anyone in Georgia to see America’s best president ever speak the truth about election fraud!

Google IS more powerful than the government. Donald Trump is our only hope to save America from socialist takeover. And that’s up to vice president Mike Pence to object to the electoral college states vote certification today. If Pence does not object it will be Americas darkest day yet!

America in four years will be unrecognizable under Democrat control. Big tech will be allowed to further censor us. Google and Bing will further shift their algorithms to promote leftist ideas and thought control. Your Android smartphone will not only be used to listen to your confidential business and personal phone calls, but your every move will be tracked by big tech.

The majority of us that are savvy on whats changing has seen the shift for some time. YouTube removes Trump rally videos is just the tip of the iceberg, of what’s to come yet.

If Donna and her husband from Florida’s the Villages don’t already feel dumb for endorsing Joe Biden and making this campaign video supporting him, she soon will.

Meanwhile crowds of Trump supporters protest election fraud from Freedom Plaza!

Millennial Millie Weaver interviews Donald Trump supporters who showed up in Washington DC to help the president fight for election integrity. You can see Millennial Millie’s other videos on Doc’s news server.

Google and big tech definitely have the power to manipulate an elections outcome. They have taken over our country, and if not stopped will be Americas downfall. President Donald Trump’s Dalton GA rally video being removed from YouTube is but one example, among thousands on the net proving that big tech manipulates public opinion effecting election outcomes, that we are powerless to stop. And sadly this is just the tip of the iceberg that sent Titanic to her grave!

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