AG Merrick Garland Dodges Questions From GOP

Merrick Garland

AG Merrick Garland dodges House GOP questions like the experienced old pro that he is. 😆 I had nothing to do this morning after watching Fox&Friends, so when the Fox News Livestream began I watched a good portion of it. I’ve never seen a person so good at dodging the GOP’s questions! Meanwhile, Fox News reports chaos at the border with 4K Illegal immigrants entering the USA! It is also being reported the surveillance equipment has been removed! GOD Help America! NPR Reports : Attorney General Merrick Garland is nearing…

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GOP Could Lose 2024 IF Conservatives Stay Banned By Big Tech

GOP Could Lose 2024

GOP Could Lose 2024 Elections if Conservatives and Republicans stay blocked by big tech. When I say blocked I mean not only being shadowbanned. But also being unable to get indexed in searches because the website is all about MAGA and debunking lies and falsehoods by the other side’s party. It’s a proven fact that Bing is refusing to index websites that support Donald Trump. And Google is about the same. Big tech is the Internet Gatekeeper who decides what we find when searching their manipulated indexes! I’m an independent…

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Is The GOP Just Another Flavor Of The Democratic Party?


The sixty-four dollar question is, Is the GOP just another flavor of the Democratic party? The Republicans who voted for the Democrat’s massive omnibus spending bill are traitors to their party, In my personal opinion. America needs to reform the GOP and get rid of the rinos that voted for Biden’s Omnibus outrageous 1.7 Trillion dollar spending bill. The more money Democrats print makes what we have in the bank and or investments worth much less. Either fix the GOP or create a new “Patriots Party!” 😡 Fox News reports:…

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GOP Press Conference Reveals Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings

GOP Press Conference Biden's

Today’s GOP Press Conference reveals Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Now that the Republicans have taken control of the house and fired Nancy Pelosi we hopefully will get to the bottom of Hunter’s Business Dealings and other vital issues of interest to the American people. It’s America First With TRUMP2024! Fox News reports: GOP Press Conference Biden’s Republican Reps. James Comer and Jim Jordan alleged at a press conference Thursday that President Biden was actively involved in overseas business dealings involving his son Hunter. Comer, citing whistleblowers, asserted that the Biden…

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Republicans Announce Their Commitment To The American Voter

Commitment To The American Voter

Republicans Announce their commitment to the American Voter. The most significant majority of Americans believe their country is heading down the wrong path under Democratic leadership and it’s past due time for a changing of the guard. That’s it in a nutshell. We must retake the House and the Senate to reverse the damage already done to our homeland. VOTE With Your Country’s ❤ In Mind! House Republicans are readying for midterm elections in November. Media buys in the intervening months will only be as effective as the messages they…

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