Tucker Carlson Spoke The Truth Which Crossed Dem’s, Red Line!

Tucker Carlson Truth

Tucker Carlson spoke the truth which crossed the democrat’s red line. This man is a hero that exposed the government’s corruption. He exposed the covid vaccine hustle that many Americans died of. Well, let me tell ya the old saying, you can’t keep the good guys down! Tucker put a…

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Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino Out At Fox News, Who’s Next?

Tucker Bongino Fox

Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino are out at Fox News. The Dominion lawsuit payout by Fox could be why. So don’t tune into Fox for Tucker or Dan Bongino because Tucker after meeting with Rupert Murdoch the two parted ways. The Dominion Settlement has been said to be $787.5 Million…

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Mark Levin Ballistic Over Six New Alleged Crime Family Members

Mark Levin Ballistic

Mark Levin Ballistic over six newly discovered crime family members that allegedly profited from Hunter Bidens influence peddling. Levin pointed out that the DOJ headed by Merrick Garland is corrupt. Garland is like a Mob Attorney protecting the Biden Family. Levin also called for states to file charges for government…

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Tucker Carlson Elon Musk Interview Full Replay Part-1 04/17/23

Tucker Carlson Musk Interview

Tucker Carlson Elon Musk Interview full instant video replay part-1 04/17/23. This is a great must-watch interview about the perceived dangers of AI gaining control over humans. Mr. Musk talks about how one political party is programming AI to lie and even possibly rig elections. I must add this stuff…

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Ingraham Angle Town Hall 04/28/22 With Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Ingraham Angle Town Hall DeSantis

Full HD Video instant replay of last night’s Ingraham Angle Town Hall 04/28/22 as Laura Ingraham interviews Florida Governor Ron Desantis Live from Orlando Florida. All the Good Stuff is on Fox News. So, if you’re watching liberal-controlled mainstream media you’re missing out on the truth about what’s going on…

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Potus45 Donald J. Trump Joins Fox&Friends For This 02/12/22 Interview

Potus45 Donald J. Trump Interview

Potus45 Donald J. Trump joins Fox&Friends Saturday cast for this wide-ranging interview. They discuss the Russia/Ukraine situation, the Canadian Trucker Protest, Crooked Hillary, and Covid-19 related topics including Dr. Fauci. And much more in this 20-minute very interesting interview. Donald Trump Interview with Fox&Friends 02/12/22. Fox News reports: Former Potus45…

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Judge Jeanine Pirro Aired Her Final Justice Edition, Announces New Show


Judge Jeanine Pirro aired her last Justice show last night and announced she is moving to The Five Show this coming Monday at 5:00 PM ET. I must say I was shocked to hear the news of Justice going down. She is another of my favorite personalities on Fox News.…

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NYC Christmas Tree Arsonist As Predicted Let Out Of Jail With No Bail!

christmas tree arsonist

NYC Christmas Tree Arsonist as predicted yesterday was let out of jail with no bail. What is it about these major DemocRat 🐀 American cities that have turned Lawless mostly since Joe Biden took office? It was said earlier on Fox & Friends that a judge could not find any…

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Donald Trump Full Speech GOP-NC Podcast 06/05/21

podcast Donald Trump speech 06/06/21

Former President Donald J. Trump spoke for about an hour and a half yesterday from the GOP-NC podium. Here is the full video and downloadable mp3 podcast. America’s best president ever loves America and this speech should be a reminder to everyone, Donald Trump is still in the game! .…

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Diamond And Silk Allegedly Fired From Left Leaning Fox News!

diamond and silk fired fox news

It seems that Fox News has silently dropped Diamond and Silk from its Fox Nation streaming channel. The duo, Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson have not uploaded any new Fox Nation episodes since the first week of April. On top of that, they haven’t been on or made a…

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Matt Lauer’s Attempted Hit Job On Bill O’Reilly Failed Miserably

Bill O'Reilly Interview Matt Lauer 09/19/17

Bill O’Reilly was interviewed this morning on the Today Show by Matt Lauer. O’Reilly told of the hit job that targeted Fox News and his advertisers. He also mentioned Media Matters super PAC and others that were behind the Fox News hit job that left him unemployed. Lauer tried desperately…

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Fox News Is Donald Trump’s Favorite Channel and Should Be Yours Too

Fox News Fox & Friends Morning TV

Fox News is President Donald Trump’s favorite News Channel. That’s because Fox Network skips the Fake News and Abusive Content broadcast by Democrat manipulated networks trying to harm OUR PRESIDENT! I’ve been a faithful NBC news watcher for better than 30 years. Every morning their Today Show was a favorite.…

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