Ingraham Angle Town Hall 04/28/22 With Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Full HD Video instant replay of last night’s Ingraham Angle Town Hall 04/28/22 as Laura Ingraham interviews Florida Governor Ron Desantis Live from Orlando Florida. All the Good Stuff is on Fox News. So, if you’re watching liberal-controlled mainstream media you’re missing out on the truth about what’s going on in America since the Biden Admin took over and is destroying our homeland! 😡

Ingraham Angle Town Hall With FL Gov. Ron DeSantis 04/28/22. Video credit, FoxNews/Rumble

Florida Politics reports: Rapturous reception for Ron DeSantis at Fox News Ingraham Angle town hall. Host Laura Ingraham compared the popular Red State Governor to Elvis Presley. DeSantis was featured in this Fox News town hall, the latest celebration of Florida and its Governor. The show titled “Florida and the American Comeback” started off with host Laura Ingraham joking DeSantis would have to “get scarves like Elvis” and throw them to the crowd, given the loud ovation for his walk-up.

That set the tone for a series of softball questions and swing-for-the-fences responses, many were familiar, but some were not. DeSantis was able to respond to a question about the state’s unaffordability by saying it was because people were gravitating to his gubernatorial style. “The demand to live in Florida is more intense than it’s ever been in the history of our state, and that’s just the reality because I think people realize who your Governor is and your state government policy has more impact on your daily life than the President of the United States.“ 😉

Ingraham also asked DeSantis to address stories of national Democrats “conceding” elections in Florida by not investing as if it is still competitive for them, a pitch that he was able to slug over the right-field wall. “We are going to have the biggest turnout than any Republican has ever had in Florida in our Governor’s race in November, and that’s going to help people up and down the ballot, DeSantis predicted. I think the Democratic Party in this state is dispirited. It’s basically a WOKE train wreck.

Twitter is hiding Ron DeSantis’s photo as sensitive content. I’m sure he’s driving liberals bat-crap crazy! 😎

A second segment saw DeSantis discuss the Parental Rights in Education law with January Littlejohn, a Leon County mother showcased by DeSantis in promoting the bill, and Tina Descovich, a co-founder of Moms for Liberty. Asked why the bill stopped at Grade 3, DeSantis contended the Department of Education would “put some meat on the bones” with regard to specifying the age and developmentally appropriate material for other grades.

What can Disney even do if they don’t like it? Pack up their parks and leave?? Lmao, that is impossible!

DeSantis was asked to respond to comments from President Joe Biden about Florida banning math books as part of the culture wars, another hanging curve for DeSantis to drive. “We want education. We do not want indoctrination,” DeSantis said. “I think Biden and his folks believe, you send them to school, butt out, and the school’s job is to indoctrinate what they think your kid should learn, what your kid should believe,” he added.

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