Tucker Carlson Spoke The Truth Which Crossed Dem’s, Red Line!

Tucker Carlson spoke the truth which crossed the democrat’s red line. This man is a hero that exposed the government’s corruption. He exposed the covid vaccine hustle that many Americans died of. Well, let me tell ya the old saying, you can’t keep the good guys down! Tucker put a video on Twitter last night that’s had more Tweet traffic than I’ve ever seen. He’ll be back! 🦅 and James O’Keefe is too!

Tucker Carlson Truth
This tweet has had more than 57 million views. Don’t count Tucker out he’ll be back!

I’ll tell y’all, Twitter is the place to be since Elon Musk took ownership and cleaned house. Even if you don’t tweet it’s the best place for the Truth that’s posted by citizen journalists. Don’t waste your time with Facebook and their opinion checkers sending members to Facebook jail. And the same thing goes for the mainstream media that I like to refer to as lamestream media. Their days of manipulating the message and lying to the public in mass is coming to an end. Americans are wisening up and want the Truth!

This is a newsletter I received from Andrew Torba the CEO of Gab social media. It’s titled, It’s Time To Burn The Ships Of Traditional Media, which tells the truth about how big tech and big media manipulates the message for the Democrats benefit.

Tucker Carlson Truth
It’s Time To Burn The Ships Of Traditional Media. Image credit, Medium

In 1519, the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés arrived in the New World with a mission to conquer the Aztec Empire. He arrived with a small army of 600 men, but he faced a significant challenge. His men were afraid and they were not sure that they could succeed in their mission. To inspire his men Cortés did something radical – he burned his ships. By doing so he eliminated any possibility of retreat and forced his men to fight for victory or death. This act of burning the ships became a symbol of determination and commitment.

Fast forward to today and we face a similar challenge. We are in a battle for the truth and we are facing a media landscape dominated by a small group of powerful corporations. Traditional media is owned by an oligopoly regime that runs the United States. They control what we see, what we hear, and even what we think. They have their own agenda and it is not at all in our best interest.

This week the news broke that Tucker Carlson, one of the most prominent voices on Fox News, is leaving the network. Regardless of the reasons, his departure from Fox News is significant, and it could be seen as a death knell for traditional media. Traditional media, including cable news networks like Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, has long been the dominant source of news and information for many Americans. These networks have enormous influence, and they shape the way people think about current events and politics. Over the past decade there has been a dramatic shift away from traditional media and toward alternative sources of information.

One of the reasons for this shift is the rise of the internet and social media. These platforms have given people access to a vast array of information and have allowed them to connect with others who share their interests and beliefs. This has created a new media landscape, one that is more decentralized and less reliant on traditional media outlets. Those in power quickly realized this after the 2016 election which is why they have invested billions of dollars and countless human resource hours into developing censorship and “fact checking” systems on these platforms. That’s why we created Gab.com in 2016. We saw this happening and we knew we had to protect free speech online for all people at all costs. We paid the price heavily for it precisely because Gab is the one place that the people in power do not control. 

Another reason for the shift away from traditional media is a growing sense of distrust. Many Americans feel that the mainstream media is biased and that they cannot be trusted to provide unbiased information. This distrust has only grown in recent years, as traditional media outlets have become increasingly politicized and polarized. The departure of Tucker Carlson from Fox News is significant because he was one of the network’s most popular and influential hosts. He had a large following, and his show was consistently one of the highest-rated programs on cable news. His departure is a sign that even the most established and influential media outlets are not immune to the changing media landscape.

While traditional media is not dead yet, the departure of Tucker Carlson from Fox News is a clear signal that it is on the decline. The rise of alternative media sources and the growing sense of distrust in traditional media outlets have created a new media landscape that is more diverse and decentralized. This new media landscape is not without its challenges, as Gab knows all too well—but it offers opportunities for new voices and perspectives to be heard.

Tucker Carlson Truth
What’s going to happen over Fox News giving Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino the boot? Image credit, Fox News

Burning the ships of traditional media means that we must abandon the old ways of consuming news and information. We must stop watching the same news channels, reading the same newspapers, and listening to the same radio stations. We must break away from the status quo and embrace a new way of thinking. We must also turn off traditional media for good. We must stop supporting the oligopoly regime that controls our media landscape. We must stop giving them our attention, our money, and our trust. We must turn to new media platforms like Gab and others as well as independent journalism, and we must support them with our time, our money, and our trust.

Turning off traditional media for good does not mean that we should ignore the news altogether. It means that we should seek out alternative sources of information and take an active role in seeking the truth. We should read independent blogs, watch independent news channels, use independent platforms, and listen to independent podcasts. We should engage in discussions, share our views, and challenge our own biases. Burning the ships of traditional media and turning it off for good is not an easy task. It requires courage, determination, and a willingness to challenge the status quo. However, it is necessary if we want to create a media landscape that serves the interests of the people, not the oligopoly regime. We must embrace new media and independent journalism, and most importantly we must take an active role in seeking the truth.

By doing so, we can create a better future for ourselves and for generations to come.

Andrew Torba
CEO, Gab.com
Jesus Christ is King of kings

It’s coming down to it will no longer be between the Democrats vs Republicans, or Blue vs Red, It will be about the Truth vs the Liars, the dishonest, the corrupt. Gas is going up, Food is way up. And I read that Republic Bank is about to go belly up.

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