Peoples Convoy 2022 Abandoned By Mainstream Media DC Beltway Tour

peoples convoy 2022

Peoples Convoy 2022 has been mostly abandoned by mainstream, media that’s pounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine into their viewer’s brains. Last night on Fox News show Dan Bongino Unfiltered, Dan really turned me off by not mentioning a peep about this history-making America first event. The convoy group is very…

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The Peoples Convoy 10,000 Strong Is Just Outside Of Washington D.C.

The Peoples Convoy GM/UAW

The Peoples Convoy said to be 10,000 strong is just outside Washington D.C. for tomorrow’s arrival. But you will not know how well this movement of mostly big rig truckers is organized because mainstream media and big tech are running with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Russian war on…

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What’s Going On With The Protest Convoy Heading To Washington DC?

protest convoy

What’s going on with the protest convoy heading to Washington D.C.? There’s literally been next to no protest convoy coverage on the net popping up in the usual places. Maybe a mention or two on Fox News, but not a whole lot. So I decided to use DuckDuckGo search and…

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Ukrainians Fighting Russia, Bravely Defending Their Freedom/Homeland

Ukrainians Fighting Russia

Ukrainians Fighting Russia defending their freedom, are excellent examples of how they love their country. They want to be free and want no part of dictator Vladimir Putin or Russia. Reminds me of an old American saying “Live FREE or Die” something Americans are losing more and more of each…

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Freedom Convoy Truckers Head For D.C. As Biden Puts Barracades Up

Freedom Convoy Truckers

The freedom convoy truckers are pedal-to-the-metal heading for D.C. as cowardly Joe Biden orders the capital complex fences to be re-installed and has contracted tow trucks standing by ready to tow any vehicles that block traffic. From reports I’ve read, they plan on blocking the Capital Beltway. Gonna need a…

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Potus45 Donald J. Trump Joins Fox&Friends For This 02/12/22 Interview

Potus45 Donald J. Trump Interview

Potus45 Donald J. Trump joins Fox&Friends Saturday cast for this wide-ranging interview. They discuss the Russia/Ukraine situation, the Canadian Trucker Protest, Crooked Hillary, and Covid-19 related topics including Dr. Fauci. And much more in this 20-minute very interesting interview. Donald Trump Interview with Fox&Friends 02/12/22. Fox News reports: Former Potus45…

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The Revolution Is Starting, People Worldwide Stand Up For Their Rights

The Revolution Is Starting

The Revolution Is Starting, not only in the U.S. and Canada but in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, folks are Saying NO to the Covid related restrictions put into place to control the people. That’s right, It’s all about CONTROL and NOT about your safety and security. The leftists have…

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