Starbucks Fires 2 Baristas Who Prevented Robbery

What is the worst crime? Two armed scumbags robbed a Starbucks and two hero baristas heroically saved the store they worked at from being stolen. Or the Starbucks Corporate Dirtbag who handed these two heroes their pink slips? This, my friend, IS Joe Biden’s America!

Starbucks FIRES Baristas Who Risked Their Lives To Thwart Robbery. Video credit, Indesputable/YouTube

RFT News Reports: On Sunday, December 17, two men walked into the coffee shop at 212 South Grand Boulevard in St. Louis, carrying what appeared to be guns and telling everyone in the store to get on the ground and give up any valuables they had on them. However, when 37-year-old Joshua Noe of Potosi struck a patron over the head with his supposed gun, it cracked. Realizing the men were not armed, the would-be victims turned the tables on the robbers. 

Two who fought back were store employees Michael Harris and Devin Jones-Ransom. An attorney for Harris says that he was struck in the face, leading to a struggle. Harris complied with the robbers’ demands until it was no longer an option for himself and others,” says Ryan Krupp, who represents the former Starbucks worker. Krupp says that after being struck, Harris realized he needed to take action or risk being killed. Harris, Jones-Ransom, and other patrons fought back, eventually managing to subdue Noe until the police arrived. Noe’s alleged accomplice, Marquise Porter-Doyle, 35, of St. Louis, fled the store but was later apprehended. 

What in the hell happened to my country? Crime is rampant; people are being murdered. Cops are afraid of arresting dirtbags, fearing the criminals will sue them. Only one word comes to mind: Democrats. They allegedly stole the 2020 presidential election. Now we can bet they are working on sealing this one!

Donald Trump Thanks Boaters For 2020 Campaign Support Patriots, get out and vote like never before! We can not let them do it again!

In my opinion, nobody else can clean up the mess Joe Biden, and his comrades made. Only America’s best president ever can drain that Democrat-infested swamp quickly and thoroughly!

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