Trump Rally Instant Replay Manchester, NH, 01/20/24

Last night, Donald Trump held this rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, to an overflow crowd. He laid out his promises on what he would do once he took office. And you know that Trump’s word is his solid gold bond! One of his many promises last night was to get rid of Joe Biden’s electric car mandate and Drill Baby Drill for that Texas Tea, as J.D. Clampet called it on the Beverly Hillbies show.

The World Stands With Trump. If you don’t believe this, you are still brainwashed by the controlled media whose only purpose is to keep you asleep! Video credit,Trump Campaign

The Atlantic Reports: You Should Go to a Trump Rally! For many Americans, the former president has become an abstraction. They should see for themselves what his campaign is really about. Donald Trump has benefited from one underappreciated advantage this campaign season; it might be that no one seems to be listening to him very closely anymore. Talent is attracting and holding attention. Consider Trump’s rise to power in 2016 how all-consuming his campaign was that year, how one @realDonaldTrump tweet could dominate news coverage for days, how watching his televised stump speeches in a suspended state of fascination or horror or delight became a kind of perverse national pastime. America and the World Loves Trump! ❤️

From my #MAGA archives, Fox News, in a live interview on 02/17/21, while announcing Patriot and Talk Radio Icon Rush Limbaugh’s Death, interviews Trump and refers to our fearless leader as Mr. President. Donald Trump will always be America’s President!

Also, while you’re here, check out my HUGE collection of Trump Rally Instant Replays and other speeches dating back to Donald’s initial campaign, where the MAGA movement was born. If you’ve never been to a Trump rally, check them out!!

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