Mark Levin Democrats Wrecking Our Homeland Must Watch Video

Mark Levin Democrats

Mark Levin last night had a very revealing opening statement about how Joe Biden and his team of democrats are using Marxism to destroy our homeland. Don’t let them run with Adolph Hitler’s ‘blame it on our enemy’s playbook rule’ they are running with. It’s a FACT they are blaming…

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The Electric Car Was Once A Status Symbol That Just Didn’t Work Out


The electric car was once a status symbol that just didn’t work out. An electric car buzzes along the road of a downtown street, with pedestrians and fellow drivers alike stopping to stare at the wealthy owners inside. The electric car cost roughly 7 times more than a normal Ford,…

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Tuomas Katainen Dynamites His Tesla Model-S Needing $20K Battery!

Tuomas Katainen Dynamites

Tuomas Katainen Dynamites His Tesla Model-S after mechanics said it needed a new battery that cost $20,000 EUROS! I’ve often wondered how much an electric car battery would cost to replace, wow. I’ll take a Gasoline powered car over one of Joe Biden’s green new deal cars any day of…

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