America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve Exported By The Biden Admin

Strategic Petroleum Reserve

America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve is being exported to Europe and Asia by the Biden Admin. What’s drastically wrong with this picture? It’s being reported that over 5 million barrels of crude have been exported that were released to lower U.S. high fuel costs. Our emergency petroleum reserves for our military…

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Biden’s “Liberal World Order” To Blame For Continuing Pain At The Pump

liberal world order

Liberal World Order is to blame for continuing pain at the pump. Yes, you heard it right. Americans will have to endure pain at the pump indefinitely in the name of the “liberal-world-order” said Brian Deese a top economic adviser to President Biden. What you heard from the president today…

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The Electric Car Was Once A Status Symbol That Just Didn’t Work Out


The electric car was once a status symbol that just didn’t work out. An electric car buzzes along the road of a downtown street, with pedestrians and fellow drivers alike stopping to stare at the wealthy owners inside. The electric car cost roughly 7 times more than a normal Ford,…

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Donald Trump & Ted Cruz Join Hannity For These Must Watch Interviews

Ted Cruz Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz talked with Sean Hannity about the state of our country. Cruz rode along ‘shotgun’ with the Peoples Convoy into D.C. getting out at capital hill explaining why the truckers are protesting mandates and other issues. Donald Trump was right about everything that’s going on in…

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Donald Trump Full Interview With Mark Levin, About Biden’s Many Crises

Trump Levin Interview

Donald Trump sat down with constitutionalist Mark Levin to announce his new book “Our Journey Together” and discuss the peril our homeland is in presently. Trump BLASTED the Biden Administration for their humiliating and botched withdrawal from Afghanistan earlier this year. Trump said earlier in the interview that I was…

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Donald Trump Full Interview With Judge Jeane Pirro 10/30/21

Trump Interview 10/30/21

Donald J. Trump sat down with Fox News Justice show host Judge Jeanine Pirro last night for this interview, at Mar-A-Lago located on Florida’s Gold Coast. Trump knocked President Biden’s ‘failed administration’ It’s a failed administration. It’s a disaster. I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime. Trump also…

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