Mark Levin Democrats Wrecking Our Homeland Must Watch Video

Mark Levin last night had a very revealing opening statement about how Joe Biden and his team of democrats are using Marxism to destroy our homeland. Don’t let them run with Adolph Hitler’s ‘blame it on our enemy’s playbook rule’ they are running with. It’s a FACT they are blaming Republicans for the mess they created. Save America by turning the Midterms RED! Get out and vote in person!

Mark Levin Opening Statement. The TRUTH what Joe Biden is doing to our homeland. Video credit, MarkLevin/Rumble

Fox News host Mark Levin explained why President Brain-Dead Biden and the Democratic Party are responsible for destroying the economy and why they want America reliant on a foreign power. Most of us believe in our guts that Biden stole the 2020 election. 2000 Mules got the GEO Tracking of smartphones topic going. The usual big players like Associated Press, Reuters, and Wikipedia came quickly to the democrat’s rescue saying GEO Tracking is unreliable and 2000 Mules was false. Yet the J6 committee is using just that to prove where individuals were within the capital on 01/06/21! 😡

Mark Levin Democrats
AP and others claim 2000 Mules smartphone tracking is inaccurate, yet it is being used to prosecute people in the house

Democrats are no doubt planning on stealing the midterms. Mailed-out ballots are not being received by those who have requested them. URGENT: Arizona Primary Election Alert We are receiving reports that ballots have been destroyed or stolen from mailboxes. Contact your County Recorder’s office if you have not received your requested ballot. It’s Starting! Vote In Person Only!

The Democrats and their Green New Deal are a bunch of crap. As Mark Levin Democrats said in last night’s opening statement America can not supply our energy needs with solar and wind. It will not work without expensive batteries to store the energy when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining. Also in last night’s opening statement, Mark reveals that the Biden Admin is shutting down nuclear, coal, and oil-fueled electric generating facilities with nothing to take their place. Add the millions of charging stations needed to recharge the Democrat’s maddening push for electric cars and we’re in big trouble. The grid will no doubt crash! Remember, with no electricity there’s nothing. No Internet, No ATMS, We’ll be thrown back into the dark ages before Albert Ienstine and the light bulb!

Mark Levin Democrats
A timeline of the Biden Admins energy reduction policies will result in stagflation. Image credit, Fox News

Batteries for electric cars are really expensive as their owners are finding out the hard way. A St. Petersburg family bought a 2014 Ford Focus Electric for their teenage daughter to drive to school. Six months later their $11,000 investment quit running. After the car was towed to the Ford Dealership it was revealed it needed a new battery. Now we’re not talking about a normal car battery that costs at most $200. The battery cost for their 2014 Ford Focus was $14,000. The dealer offered to buy their car for a measly $500. So, here’s the deal, If you buy an electric car and its battery dies it’s pretty much a junkyard special. Walmart recently acquired a fleet of Ford E-transit extended-length mid-toped vans. The battery warranty is 8 years or 100k miles. Being used for rural Walmart+ delivery I doubt the battery will last for a full 8-hour shift. And it takes overnight or at least 8 hours to recharge it.

Another electric car fail is this Rivian EV Truck that on a cross-country road trip had to stop every 100 miles to recharge. I’d rather whip off the interstate exit and pull up to the pump insert my credit card and fill up. And be back on the road in 20 minutes max! Let’s vote them all out in November! 😡

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