Police State Film MAGA Box Office Success Story!

The Police State Film is a Huge MAGA Box Office success Story. Police State Movie opened yesterday in theaters all across America! This is the must-see movie Every American must see! Police State exposes how the Biden Admin has weaponized our three-letter agencies (DHS DOJ FBI etc) terrorizing everyday hard-working Americans like us. A perfect example is the prosecution of Donald Trump! 😡

Dan Bongino talked about the successful film this morning (10/24/2023.) If you have never heard of Dan, he is a former NYC cop, Former FBI agent, AND a former Secret Service agent. Dan has the right connections to properly see through the leftist’s smoke and mirror show. Watch today’s show and subscribe to his Rumble Channel! 😉

A Deeply Impacting Experience (Ep. 2116) 10/24/2023 The Dan Bongino Show

Police State Film digs down deep into the politicization and corruption of our three-letter federal agencies. There is nowhere to hide. They have their lists. Are you next? Another great film is by Dinesh D’Souza, the producer of 2000 Mules, and Dan Bongino.

Police State Film
There is nowhere to hide. They have their lists. Are you next?

Let’s Fix This = Dump the Democrats in 2024! 😎

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