Backstabbing Mike Pence 2024 Campaign Is Over

Backstabbing Mike Pence cooked his own campaign’s goose! Furthermore, In my humble opinion, he pounded the last nail into his political career’s coffin that dark day when he refused to send those alleged RIGGED State Tallies BACK! We’ve all witnessed the malarkey that came out AFTER Joe Biden was given the title of President-Elect! I wonder how many TVs died a patriotic death by injected bud-light bottles that Election night? We True MAGA Republicans Will Never Forget! 😡

After a tumultuous day and night in Washington D.C., the results of the 2020 election were certified. V

Oh Yeah, Mike Pence 2024, America has witnessed it all. Who has seen the hit movie Riggsd? The full replay Is here. All those ZuckerBucks that 2000 Mules Exposed?

Mike Pence 2024
Why is mainstream media mostly silent on Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 mules movie featuring factual data from true the vote? Image credit, Red Voice Media.

When Vice President Mike Pence declined to help President Donald Trump overturn the 2020 election on Jan. 6, 2021, he foreclosed whatever chance Trump had of staying in the White House, and probably any path Pence might have had of becoming president.

Washington Post August 22, 2023

Texas & Arizona Decertify 2020 Election! The First Dominos to Fall! From 2000 Mules to 2500 Sheriffs. Video credit,ChristianPatriotNews/bitChute

Mike Pence in 2024 sure made a hellova mistake stabbing our fearless leader in the back. Next year it’s going to be tough. But as far as tough goes, the old saying, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! We can defeat the left. Think positive! 😎

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