Mentally Ill People With Guns Kill People

Mentally Ill People with guns kill other people, this is a well-known fact among professionals in the field. But all we hear from the White House is to take away American’s Second Amendment rights to own guns. Why do we never hear about getting help for those who are so easily triggered to commit mass murder? Yesterday’s shooting that killed 18 in Lewiston ME is another example of a mentally ill person!

A manhunt is underway in Lewiston, Maine, after a gunman opened fire on a bowling alley and a bar in two separate shootings, killing at least 15 people.NBC News Sam Brock explains how the mass shootings unfolded and the timeline of events.. Video credit, NBCNews/YouTube

Naturally and even possibly the cause of the triggering among the mentally ill could be possibly, the Biden Admin that posted this today. Biden calls for assault weapons ban following mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine. Every time someone goes bonkers like Robert Card, Biden says the same thing, Ban Assult Weapons, that’s really getting old. Guns do not kill people, It’s a well-known fact, that mentally ill people with guns kill people!

Theirs a lot going on in his head,” Cousin said Maine shootings suspect Robert Card a “schizophrenic” Video credit,WBZ News Boston

There is the National Institute Of Health (NIH) which is a large website with lots of information for anyone who feels depressed or has suicidal thoughts. There is a program in Florida that offers mentally ill people help, and most states probably offer help for schizophrenia and other mental behavioral health. So there is help as close as a phone call away. Posibly a federal law or program could insist that those with mental disorders undergo an annual screening. But the government screaming ban assault weapons is not working! 😥

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