The Rigged Twitter Game: Here’s How To Check Your Score/Rating

The Rigged Twitter Game: Here’s how to check your account and other account’s scores/ratings. I find it interesting that Joe Biden’s @POTUS score is a zero. The Twitter ratings go from 0 to 100% the higher the score the worse the rating is. I scored 50% but ole George Takei (Mr. Sulu on Star Trek) scored a 3% and is constantly attacking Donald Trump and Republicans in general. Check those suspected troll accounts! 😎

Twitter The Rigged Game:
Bot Sentinel report on George Takei (Mr. Sulu on Star Trek classic series.) Image credit, Bot Sentinel

To check your (The rigged Twitter game) account go to and enter any Twitter user ID. Note you must not be using a VPN or other proxy server to run the API tool. Bot Sentinel has other tools and has both an Android and iPhone app. Recently there must have been a massive Twitter purge as members were tweeting they lost thousands of followers. There were so many tweets about missing followers I blogged an article about it Yesterday with my thoughts on what was going on.

They are disconnecting conservatives from their followers (and followings.) Credit, R.J.A. Gilbert

I follow about 300 people and have around 300 followers. I have neither lost nor gained any followers in quite a while. Some call this a purge. Others say it’s the second purge. Many of those I follow are Tweeting about losing many thousands of followers. So my question is are those bot accounts?

Strategic Petroleum Reserves are nearly empty as Biden and his crew are beating the WW3 war drums!

Elon Musk is said to have backed out of his Twitter purchase because of the non-disclosure of bot accounts vs real people members. Then there are the automated tweets by politicians and corporations posted at intervals. Then there are the purchased followers that are also bot accounts! It’ll be interesting to sit back and see what changes once Elon Musk takes ownership of Twitter! 😎

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