Herschel Walker Turns Georgia RED In 21 Days, Hannity Town Hall

Herschel Walker turns Georgia RED in 21 days. Instant replay video from last night’s Hannity Town Hall. The people are waking up realizing the Democrats have sold them a bill of goods, and they’re not putting up with Democrat Leadership anymore. There were cheers and a standing ovation for Walker as he took center stage. Walker talked about the previous debate he had with Sen. Raphael Warnock.

Sean Hannity discusses how the media is actively trying to attack Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker. Video credit, Fox5/YouTube

Fox 5 Atlanta reports: Hundreds of Herschel Walker supporters gathered Monday night for a town hall hosted by Fox News’s Sean Hannity. “I see a guy pretending to be a senator and I hope everyone watching the debate saw he came unprepared,” said Walker. Walker said Warnock constantly dodged questions. “That says right now who’s prepared to be a senator. I’m not afraid to answer questions. To be a leader, you have to stand up, and be a leader,” said Walker. Senators from South Carolina, Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham, joined the town hall saying control of the Senate is at stake and urged voters to throw their support behind Walker. “Give Herschel the ball, he’s the best bet for Georgia,” said Graham.

After voting Monday morning, Warnock touted his accomplishments and talked about his opponent. “Herschel Walker isn’t ready. I pointed out he claimed to be an officer and that he threatened a shootout with police, his response was to produce a fake badge,” said Warnock. He was eluding to what appeared to be a law enforcement badge that Walker flashed during Friday night’s debate.

The race has been brutal, filled with political ads attacking the character and personal lives of both candidates. “The truth is, I’ve had problems years ago, but I’ve been very transparent and I came forward. Right now, he’s sealed his divorce papers and he’s hiding behind court papers,” said Walker.

I personally believe the Democrats are really worried about election day which is only a short three weeks away. I have no doubt that Herschel Walker turns Georgia RED in 21 days. Folks are sick of Sen. Raphael Warnock whose ex-wife came out alleging Warnock tried to run her over with his Tesla.

Democrat laundry list of lies, meanwhile “minister” Warnock actually runs over his wife’s foot with kids in the car while they are divorcing, and admits it to a police officer. His wife says he’s a great actor. Check out his multi-thousand-dollar suit.

So, this is the deal to solidify America’s leadership. Everyone please get out and Vote RED on your FULL Ballot to save America! As Mark Levin recently said in this Must-Watch Opening Monologue, Vote FULL Ballot Republican, we’ll have time to deal with the Rinos later on! Judgement Day Is Coming!

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