Twitter Followers Disappearing By The Thousands, What’s Up?

Twitter followers disappearing by the thousands, what’s up? This is a mystery that piqued my interest so it’s worth blogging about in my humble personal opinion. Twitter is a good source of information but if you’re a Conservative, Republican, or Trump supporter your reach is nearly as low as it can go. It’s being said that since Elon Musk is going ahead with his purchase Twitter will become a free speech platform. But with thousands of followers disappearing the company may be deleting bot accounts!

Twitter followers disappearing
Is management deleting bot accounts before Elon Musk takes ownership? Image credit, Coinpedia

I follow about 300 people and have around 300 followers. I have neither lost nor gained any followers in quite a while. Some call this a purge. Others say it’s the second purge. Many of those I follow are Tweeting about losing many thousands of followers. So my question is are those bot accounts? Elon Must is said to have initially backed out of his Twitter purchase because the company would not disclose the number of bot accounts vs real people members. Then there are the automated tweets by politicians and corporations posted at intervals. Then there are the purchased followers that are also bot accounts.

Some Twitter accounts I’ve observed complaining about losing thousands of followers rarely or never reply when engaged. As an old gambler once told me, you can’t tell the players without a program. I know my account is shadowbanned, maybe because I post an image right under tweets that are spreading lies and misinformation. Twitter is just like the Biden Admin!

My Twitter account is being shadowbanned because I’m a Donald J. Trump supporter. Use my quick test to see if yours is also censored. The supporting blog post is here. BTW here’s the guy that owns the shadowban patent! This was about 5 years ago so there’s no doubt the technology has changed since!

Evidence of Twitter Censoring (ShadoBanning) Conservatives and Trump Supporters!

It’ll be interesting to see what Elon Musk does with Twitter. He’s probably going to have his hands full with the Twitter followers disappearing and don’t forget the Democrats run this platform just like Facebook and the lamestream media. Good luck Mr. Musk! 🙂

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