Rivian R1T EV Truck Road Trip Stopping Every 100 Miles To Recharge

Rivian R1T EV Truck Road Trip towing a car/trailer combo needed recharging every 100 miles. This story took place last November as the couple decided to try out their new Rivian an all-electric pickup truck by making a cross-country road trip from Detroit to Los Angeles and back. As most truck owners may do, they towed their classic Ford Mustang Shelby GT on a flat-deck car-hauler trailer. The approximate weight of the loaded trailer was a bit over 6,000 lbs a standard towing load.

This Rivian R1T Just Successfully Towed 2,700 Miles. Guess How Many Times It Stopped To Charge! Credit Fast Lane Trucks/YouTube

According to Car and Driver specs, the Rivian R1T has 314 miles of range, not bad. However, this is when the truck is not towing anything. Many Americans do, in fact, use their trucks for truck things. It is not absurd to demand a pickup be able to do so.

Western Journal reports: The couple pulled their Ford Mustang Shelby GT on a flat-deck car-hauler trailer. The total weight — including the Rivian, the couple, their luggage, and the loaded trailer came out to 14,260 lbs. The approximate weight of the loaded trailer was a bit over 6,000 lbs, a standard load to tow. On the first leg of the trip, the couple logged nearly 2,000 miles from Los Angeles to Sikeston, Missouri, with 20 stops to charge the Rivian for an average of 100 miles between charging stops. On the second leg, they traveled 695 miles and stopped seven times to charge up, again averaging 100 miles between charging stops. The voyage was obviously very painful. The couple spent an estimated 10 to 20 hours charging their Rivian during the cross-country trip.

Rivian r1t interior
Rivian R1T electric truck interior. Note the absence of the usual Air Conditioning Vents. Image credit, Electrec

Electrek reports: As Rivian’s flagship EV is being delivered to its first customers around the US, Electrek got an opportunity to experience the R1T close-up and tinker with all of its unique features. Additionally, we got a chance to test drive the Rivian R1T for the first time on both an airport tarmac and some rocky SoCal terrain. Rivian and its R1T pickup have been EV news we have covered significantly over the past few years as the US automaker grew closer to its first deliveries. That feat was accomplished this fall, making Rivian the first automaker to bring a full-electric truck to market.

rivian r1t gear tunnel
Rivian R1T spacious gear tunnel. Image credit, Electrek

The electric car was once an expensive failed status symbol but who can afford one today? An electric car buzzes along the road of a downtown street, with pedestrians and fellow drivers alike stopping to stare at the wealthy owners inside. The electric car cost roughly 7 times more than a normal Ford, and its reputation and design have helped to fuel long waitlists. Electric cars might seem like the vehicles of the future, but they are actually a status symbol of the past. In the early 20th century an electric car was high society’s hottest commodity, sought after by socialites and businessmen alike.

rivitan R1T
One of the only remaining Fritchle electric cars on display at the History of Colorado Center in Denver. Image credit, Colorado History

This hair-pulling story of an EV road trip highlights the issues facing electric vehicles. Never mind the high cost of the average electric car, they do not work as efficiently as gas-powered vehicles. And yet liberal politicians do not let up on their push to get all Americans to drive EVs. The technology is not there, and while politicians may not understand this, these trucks are not ready for real-world use!

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13 Thoughts to “Rivian R1T EV Truck Road Trip Stopping Every 100 Miles To Recharge”

  1. a a ron

    Not a greentard nor a hater, but was genuinely interested in how these vehicles would perform in the real world, not the perfect one they advertise them in.
    It’s disappointing it did so poorly. That’s not even practical around town only.

    The interesting thing which you will not hear about though, is tongue weight can have a huge impact on performance. A slight shift of the load may have given it much better performance.

    The whole ‘rivian’ concept though kind of sours me. No dealers, when it breaks, they come out to you to fix it, or something like that. At least with Ford / GM, repairs are everywhere there is a dealer, which is saying,… everywhere. Not so much with this one.

    Was seriously thinking of getting one, but after seeing all these reports, them wanting 1000 dollars up front for a delivery a year or so down the road, and massive layoffs happening at their plant. No thanks, I think I’ll pass on that one. NONE of the metrics are pointing to a company that is ready to be successful. It’s too late anyways. When they were the only one, they were sitting on a gold mine, now they are one of many.

    Again, Ill pass.

  2. tom reynolds

    None of their solutions are meant to help us. They are to control us. Fossil fuels (which have nothing to do with fossils) are a gift from God and the reason our country is great. Of course they want them gone.

    1. Doc's Websites

      It’s the liberal world order that Joe said America is going to lead. Their working on disarming us then when our strategic energy reserves are depleted China will attack.

      The man is as corrupt as one can be and the CIA FBI and DOJ are in on it with whoever is running our presidency. And it ain’t Joe Biden!

  3. Brandon

    Pieces of crap, were these people stupid? 🙄

    1. Doc's Websites

      As we say in the car business, there’s an ASS for every seat! 😎

  4. Abe

    GM the mark of shame!

    1. a a ron

      GM, Generally Morons

  5. dennis winebrinner

    sure the cost of recharging an EV is less than filling a fossil fuel burner….for now.
    there was a day when diesel was cheaper than gas, then demand for diesel went up, and the price followed. guess what will happen to the price of electricity when the EV caused demand for electricity goes way, way up. HINT… you won’t be concern with filling your tank/charging your EV…you will be concern with how to pay your utility bill.

    1. FidoSysop

      Yep, wonder what remote charging stations cost now? They may be free for now, as Joe and his cohorts are not mentioning the recharge costs. I’ll take a Gasoline powered vehicle. Road trip fill-ups are as fast as swiping a credit card in the pump and getting back on the road in 15 minutes. That works for me!  😎 

    2. Abe

      The 80’s Diesel Craze started with the mark of crap GM and their crankshaft snapping, head bolt breaking, 5.7 Diesel engine. They soured the Diesel market so bad Mercedes quit offering Diesel cars in America for many years.

      1. Doc's Websites

        I was in the used car business back then. GM diesel cars were pushed through the auctions going for pennies on the dollar.

        We used to swap any older Oldsmobile 5.7 gas engine quick and easy as everything bolted right up. Just drain the diesel out of the tank and fire er up.

    3. Brandon

      Wait til one catches fire in the garage of the house next door. Not good.

      1. Doc's Websites

        Reminds me of those Ford cruise control modules catching fire burning their owners houses down!🔥

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