Nasty Nancy Pelosi Blames Pandemic Job Loss On Trump

chaos in d.c.

Ole Hag, Nasty Nancy Pelosi Lamblsted, a reporter who reminded her that the COVID-19 pandemic caused the big job loss, not President Donald Trump! That old douche has to be the nastiest politician in DC. She and bat-ship-crazy Maxine Waters are two excellent reasons for Term Limits! Another thing I…

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J6 Jacob Chansley Plays Donald Trump’s Go Home Tweet

J6 Jacob Chansley

J6 Jacob Chansley plays Donald Trump’s tweet “Go Home” To Crowd outside the capital building. That audio clip was released by former J6 defendant Pam Hemphill, AKA MAGA GRANNY showing Chansley and others playing Trump’s “GO HOME IN PEACE” message to protesters on January 6th, 2021. Chansley AKA Qanon Chansley…

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Tucker Carlson Responds To Chuck Schumer’s DNC Media Lies!

Tucker Carlson Schumer

Last Night’s (03/07/23) Tucker Carlson Show was fantastic. Tucker really stuck it to Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Let’s face it, Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and the rest of their goons are caught in the Big J6 Lie like Rats in a trap. They lied once again trying to…

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Democrats Go Bonkers Over Tucker Carlson’s J6 Truth Videos

Democrats Go Bonkers J6

Democrats Go Bonkers Over Tucker Carlson’s J6 Truth Videos, which proved there was no insurrection. Let’s face it, they are putting out news that Ukraine blew up Putin’s NordStream 2 pipeline which they are hoping will be a good enough distraction to lessen the real J6 facts. They are so…

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Never Seen J6 Video Proves Democrats Lied About Insurrection

J6 Video

Never Seen J6 Video Proves Democrats Lied About the U.S. Capital Insurrection. All Patriots should thank house speaker McCarthey for fighting the democrats to get this never seen by the public security footage. Now we see why Nancy Pelosi insisted on keeping what you are about to see on the…

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Biden Busted Colluding With The Saudis For Dem Midterm Votes

Biden Busted Colluding

Biden Busted Colluding with the Saudis for Democrat Midterm Votes. The Dems are losing it as it’s now 25 days until the midterm elections in 2022. Joe Biden was thrown under the bus by the Saudis begging them not to cut oil production until after the midterms. The Saudis not…

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Trump Derangement Syndrome Ends Liz Cheney’s Political Career!

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) ends Liz Cheney’s Political Career! Yepper, another RINO bites the dust as Wyomians threw this traitor out. US MAGA folks have been saying Liz was history for months, and last night was the Wyomia primary where Trump Endorsed candidate Harriet Hageman whooped the TDS-infested Liz Cheney…

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Hannity & Guests Destroy J6 Smear Campaign Political Theater 06/29/22

Destroy J6 Smear Campaign

Sean Hannity and guests exposed Nancy Pelosi’s J6 smear campaign for just what it is, political theater. Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony is hearsay and has been discredited as such. Also, iron-clad proof Donald Trump did request the national guard that was refused by Nancy Pelosi! Democrats are desperately trying to stop…

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Cassidy Hutchinson J6 Smear Campaign Lies Debunked By Dan Bongino

Cassidy Hutchinson J6

Cassidy Hutchinson J6 Smear Campaign Lies Debunked. On today’s Dan Bongino Show, Dan destroyed Hutchinson’s hearsay testimony in which she claimed her life was threatened by the J6 Committee. She looked worn out and mentally beat down, and had testified four other times, this time Democrats forced her to testify…

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Mark Levin 06/28/22 Hannity: Preserve ALL J6 Smear Campaign Evidence

mark levin 06/28/22

Mark Levin was on fire last night on Hannity Show 06/28/22 commenting on the Democrat’s J6 Smear Campaign. They are so desperate and resort to lies and false testimony while interrupting women’s daytime soap operas trying to prove their case which is full of lies and false testimony. Leven says…

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Senate Passes Pork-Infested $1.5 Trillion Spending And Ukraine Relief Bill

nasty Nancy Pelosi

Senate passes pork-infested $1.5 Trillion government spending bill with $14 billion Ukraine relief spending attached. The massive spending package, which would appropriate funds for the government until September 30, passed the Senate on Thursday evening in a bipartisan vote of 68 to 31, with 18 Republicans joining all Democrats voting…

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Does Gen. Mark Milley Have President Joe Biden By The Short Hairs?

Gen. Mark Milley Treason

I’m thinking Gen. Mark Milley has Potus46 Joe Biden by the Short Hairs. Considering that Biden is defending Milley, and also thinking slow Joe is worried about the general getting even. Can you imagine the huge amount of dirty Afghanistan laundry Milley could spread around? It’s just a thought as…

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Covid-19 Vaccine Must Not Work – As Fully Vaccinated Test Positive

texas dems covid-19

Covid-19 Vaccine must not work! Fully Vaccinated Nancy Pelosi staffer, and one white house official test positive for COVID-19 amid visit from infected Texas lawmakers. So in a nutshell the vaccine must not work because those infected with covid-19 were fully vaccinated. Or is this a con-job to prevent the…

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Donald Trump Rejects Democrats Pork Infested Christmas Proposal

trump rejects christmas pork stimulus bill

President Trump has rejected the newest COVID stimulus bill passed by Congress, calling it a “disgrace” and demanded that they amend the bill with less pork and higher payments to the American people. The bill sent to the President was a 5,593 page behemoth stuffed with pork. It included payments…

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Trump vs Biden Presidential Debate Has Democrats Running Scared

trump vs biden

Trump vs Biden upcoming debate has Democrats crapping their pants. Nasty Nancy Pelosi said to cancel it. Putting Joe Biden in a room face to face with president Trump would be a disaster for them. It’d be like tossing Biden into a wood chipper. ? The GOP convention sealed Dems…

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