Cassidy Hutchinson J6 Smear Campaign Lies Debunked By Dan Bongino

Cassidy Hutchinson J6 Smear Campaign Lies Debunked. On today’s Dan Bongino Show, Dan destroyed Hutchinson’s hearsay testimony in which she claimed her life was threatened by the J6 Committee. She looked worn out and mentally beat down, and had testified four other times, this time Democrats forced her to testify on live TV or else. This committee is nothing but a Democrat-initiated smear campaign. Dan Bongino spoke about her testimony and told how the “Beast” got its name!

The Trump/Secret Service Scandal That Wasn’t (Ep. 1800) – The Dan Bongino Show. Video credit, Bongino/Rumble

Dan Bongino reports: As has seemingly been the case a near-infinite amount of times already, the media assured us once again yesterday that the walls were finally closing in on Donald Trump as Cassidy Hutchinson delivered what we were told was bombshell testimony. Among the bombshell revelations was that Trump wasn’t afraid of the Jan 6 protesters (why would he have been?) and “knew they were armed.” The allegation that got the most attention was when Hutchinson claimed that Trump became incensed when he wasn’t allowed to go to the Capitol on January 6, and then lunged at the steering wheel of the Presidential limo, and then at the agent who grabbed his arm to try to take it off the steering wheel. Cassidy Hutchinson J6 is just a smear campaign and nothing but that!

Dan Bongino pointed out major problems with the non-bombshell on his podcast earlier today that the entire mainstream media missed. As he points out, upon departing his rally on January 6, Trump didn’t get into the Presidential Limo (often called “The Beast” in the media), he got in an SUV, meaning the story can’t possibly be true. Dan also pointed out that Hutchinson recalled secret service agent Tony Ornato as telling her that the “president got in The Beast,” but that no Secret Service agents call the Presidential Limo that.

According to The Blaze, reporting just hours after her testimony: Hutchinson said that she heard from Tony Ornato, then-White House deputy chief of staff, that the former president became incensed when he wasn’t allowed to go to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. He is alleged to have grabbed at the steering wheel of the vehicle and then lunged at the agent who was preventing him from leaving. Later on Tuesday, that Secret Secret agent reportedly said he was willing to testify that this account was false. Ornato also indicated the same willingness to testify contrary to the story.

Hannity & Guests Destroy NO Credibility J6 Smear Campaign 06/29/22. Video credit, FoxNews/Rumble

Sean Hannity and guests exposed Nancy Pelosi’s sham J6 smear campaign for just what it is, Political Democrat Theater. Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony is hearsay and has been discredited as such. Also proof Donald Trump did request the national guard that was refused by Nancy Pelosi. Democrats are desperately trying to stop Trump from running in 2024. That’s what the J6 hearings are all about!

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