Is The Deep State Planning To Assassinate Donald Trump?

No, I’m not wearing a tinfoil hat. But there are threads on Elon Musk’s X platform, formerly Twitter, where people are claiming Trump will be assassinated. Depending on where you look, there is chatter claiming the CIA killed JFK. Of course, left-leaning Wikipedia calls the murder of JFK a conspiracy theory, like anything discrediting a three-letter federal agency. But, on 09/13/2023 the BBC published this. “Ex-Secret Service agent reveals new JFK assassination detail”

Kennedy Assanation
Texas Governor John Connally is seen adjusting his tie in the foreground as John F Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy sit in the back seat

Charlie Kirk: Media Will Justify The Assassination Of Donald Trump, “F Around And Find Out, They Will Say” Real Clear Politics Reports. 🙁

Trump Assassination
Donald Trump Will Face Assassination Attempt, Ally Predict

Another Democrat-controlled media rag, Newsweek, published this hit piece laying down the groundwork Laura Loomer, a far-right independent journalist and ally to former President Donald Trump, has claimed that the former president will be assassinated by the so-called “Deep State.” Loomer, whose online content is often shared by Trump, took to X, formerly Twitter, on Friday to share the news that the Supreme Court rejected a request made by the lead prosecutor in Trump’s federal election subversion case to expedite the former president’s appeal. Trump has pleaded not guilty in the case and says it is politically motivated.

trump assassination
News headlines are saying Donald Trump will face an assassination plot. Image credit Doc 52FLC

I’m sure our fearless leader is making plans as I publish this article to tighten his security. I would suggest parking Trump Force One until after inauguration day. I think Donald Trump is entitled to Secret Service Transportation in the skies above America as well as on the ground. Possibly this would be safer in the air. I’m an Air Disasters TV show fan. I’ve learned a lot about aviation from watching that show, also aircraft repo is another good one to watch as I lay here recovering from a bad fall earlier in the year. Yesterday I made this Christmas Video for our fearless leader!

I hope this little video makes its way to you oh mighty fearless leader and Potus-47! <.h6>

It’s such a shame and so unpresidential how Joe Biden and his modern-day Third Reich thugs are treating you. America needs your help to make us all proud again. The photo at the end is my Thailand love that God sent to clean me up in 2008. She’s up in heaven in God’s loving arms now. The best 12 years of my life were with Jareewan Lynch. Further info is here if anyone is interested. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my website visitors. Please do not forget the true meaning of Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ who died for our sins. He is our savior!

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