AG Merrick Garland Dodges Questions From GOP

AG Merrick Garland dodges House GOP questions like the experienced old pro that he is. 😆 I had nothing to do this morning after watching Fox&Friends, so when the Fox News Livestream began I watched a good portion of it. I’ve never seen a person so good at dodging the GOP’s questions! Meanwhile, Fox News reports chaos at the border with 4K Illegal immigrants entering the USA! It is also being reported the surveillance equipment has been removed! GOD Help America!

House Judiciary Committee questions AG Merrick Carland on the oversight of the DOJ. Video credit, Fox News

NPR Reports: Attorney General Merrick Garland is nearing hour four of the House Judiciary Committee hearing where Republicans have grilled him largely over the agency’s investigation into Hunter Biden. The hearing is meant to be part of the committee’s standard oversight duties, but the morning’s meeting between the U.S.’s top prosecutor and the panel’s Republican members has been heated.

Merrick Garland
Merrick Garland Mugshot

PBS Reports: House Republicans clash with AG Garland, accusing him of favoring Hunter Biden. House Republicans clashed with Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday, accusing him and the Justice Department of the “weaponization” of the department’s work in favor of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

Fox News Reported on Feb 23: The Biden administration is significantly reducing the number of aerostats being used to monitor the overwhelmed southern border, with multiple sources telling Fox News that it is due to a lack of funding — with a majority already being taken out of service.

Merrick Garland
Aerostatic balloon with night vision cameras becomes new border guardian

Last year there were 12 aerostats, nicknamed “Eyes in the Sky” by Customs and Border Protection (CBP), along the southern border. CBP sources tell Fox that only four remain now, all in the Rio Grande Valley Sector.

CBP’s Air and Marine Operations uses the aerostats for monitoring along the southern border and coastal regions. The Department of Defense agreed to spend $52 million to continue operating aerostats through the end of FY 2022, which ended in October after the DHS cut funding for the program

I don’t believe Merrick Garland answered a single question as he skillfully tap-danced around the GOP! We know how the weaponized FBI and DOI are targeting allies of Donald Trump. The FBI surrounded Mike Lindell at a fast food drive-in window seizing his cell phone. Ast in true My Pillow style Lindell filed a lawsuit against the FBI! Yeah, we know what’s going on in the swamp. I just hope we still have a country left to put Donald Trump back on his throne, in 2024! 😉

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