MSM Quiet About Devon Archer Senate Testimony

MSM Quiet about yesterday’s Devon Archer Senate testimony. But last night I tuned into NBC Evening News. where Lester Holt came out the gate blasting Donald Trump. Holt also blasted the Mar-a-Lago worker DeOliveira who made his first court appearance in Trump’s classified documents case. But not a peep about the growing daily allegations of a treasonous Biden Brand Name influencing peddling scheme with first son Hunter Biden and his business associates. The testimony from Devon Archer surely crushed the Biden brand name. But if you watch MSM you’ll never know about it. Just like the DOJ & FBI are covering crime up! 🙁

Obama Knew (Ep. 2057) 08/01/2023 The Dan Bongino Show 😎

Some newsworthy information is below. It’s also a fact that Donald Trump kept his word and indeed made America Great Again. Democrats had failed to Impeach him and had to prevent him from serving another term in the 2020 election and they’re at it again. The weaponization of our federal law enforcement needs to end! 😡

My opinion on Devon Archer’s testimony to Congress and other related thoughts 08/01/23

New York Post Reports: The DOJ is pushing for Devon Archer to report to prison just days ahead of the former Hunter Biden business partner’s hotly anticipated congressional testimony, according to new court documents. Manhattan federal prosecutors on Saturday filed a letter requesting a judge set a date for Archer, 58, to start his one-year sentence in a fraud case unrelated to the first son’s scandals.

Fox News Reports: Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley joined “Your World” Monday to react to testimony from former Hunter Biden associate Devon Archer on then-Vice President Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings, warning the growing scandal could reach historic proportions.

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