Save America Trump Rally Erie PA 07/29/23 Replay

As usual, Donald Trump drew a huge crowd at his Save America Rally In Erie PA on July 29, 2023. As the Biden Regime is piling more charges on top of other frivolous charges that are simply Election Interference. The regime’s actions against our fearless leader remind me of Adolph Hitler during WW2 when those who opposed his regime were jailed or executed! Think about the situation in America today. Do you want four more years of the same destruction of our homeland? Or four more years of a proven leader, Donald J. Trump? Let’s give him four more years! 😉

Former Potus45 President Donald J. Trump Holds Rally in Erie, Pennsylvania

Donald Trump spoke about the Republican Party (GOP) and criticized their lack of fighting to win the most important election in the history of our homeland. Donald Trump calls on Republican challengers to drop out and the millions be spent instead on a massive ballot harvesting operation! 😎

NPR Reports: Some 90,000 migrants have arrived in New York City since the spring of 2022. Single adult migrants are allowed to stay in a shelter for two months, after which they have to reapply. NPR’s Jasmine Garsd reports on conditions at the city’s largest shelter. From the outside, the tall white building looks like any other hip, new Brooklyn living space. Hundreds of migrant men sleep here every night. And with a total capacity of 1,400 people, it’s a sort of megashelter. Here’s Mayor Eric Adams. [America can not take Democrats wide open borders any longer!] 😡

I had a bad fall two months ago that could have killed me but three hospitalizations and three rehabs later I’m on the road to recovery but still in another rehab. And as such I’m way behind on blogging our fearless leaders MAGA Rallies. I’m blogging this one from my rehab bed. I’m thankful that God gave me another chance!

Blogging last night’s Trump MAGA Rally from my rehab bed

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