Lock Em Up, Crime In Our Once-Great Cities Is Out Of Control!

Lock Em Up, Crime in our once-great cities is out of control. People are Dying, Robbed, Raiped, Etc. Today Jim Jordan on the House Judiciary Committee hosts a hearing on crime in NYC. But Jerry Nadler is quick to point his finger at Republican states. In my opinion, Nadler always lies and is a practiced liar who lies with no conscience. He had the unmitigated Gaul to say crime is worse in Republican states. And that NYC sees a crime decrease and brags about the good job Brooklyn DA Alvin Bragg is doing. Please! 🙄

Jim Jordan leads House Judiciary Committee hearing on crime in New York City. Video credit, The Washington Examiner

Washington Examiner reports: The hearing is titled “Victims of Violent Crime in Manhattan.” It will feature several witnesses, including the mother of a homicide victim, a bodega clerk who was wrongfully charged with murder, and an anti-crime activist, among others. House Republicans organized the hearing after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought charges against former President Donald Trump for falsifying business documents in relation to hush-money payments given to two women in 2016.

lock em up
Brooklyn DA Alvin Bragg is under fire by House Judiciary Committee hearing on crime in New York City. Image credit, Baltimore Sun

AlterNet reports: House Judiciary Ranking Member Jerry Nadler Monday morning blasted House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan‘s partisan field trip to New York City to attack Alvin Bragg in retribution for the Manhattan District Attorney’s grand jury indictment of Donald Trump on 34 felony violations. Chairman Jordan’s unusual hearing in Manhattan, which began Monday morning, is expected to highlight victims of crime in an attempt to paint New York City as dangerous and DA Bragg as not doing his job, despite statistics that show the nation’s largest city is also one of its safest. [Lock em up!] 😆

So, here’s ole FidoSysop’s opinion. When Donald Trump returns to power. Why not take the worst of the cities and make a giant prison out of it? Let us put a wall around our new prison, we all know walls work, right? Then take the worst of the worst and lock em up. If Chicago doesn’t get its crap together And then be sure to turn the power off. Leave the water/sewer on. Since these people are used to living in squallier, they will feel like at home. Then NYC will be safe to visit and ride the subways once again!

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