Darrell Brooks Waukesha WI Arrest Caught On Ring Doorbell Camera

darrel brooks dorbell video

Darrell Brooks Waukesha WI Arrest caught on on a Ring Doorbell Camera. The story goes after Brooks backed his smashed-up Burgundy 2010 Ford Escape into the driveway where it was recovered. He ran through that yard to an adjacent street looking for a place to hide. Brooks eventually wound up ringing a gentleman’s doorbell. He told the homeowner he was waiting on a Uber. The guy invited Brooks into his home out of the cold and made him a sandwich. Hearing police sirens Brooks went back onto the gentleman’s porch…

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Opinion: MSNBC Racist Anchor Joy Reid Stoking Violence And Hatred

Joy Reid MSNBC Stoking Racism

It seems to me every time there are race-related tensions in America, Joy Reid, and others on the left are right there fanning the flames. I have to wonder if Darrell Brooks murderous rampage during last night’s Waukesha Wisconsin Christmas Parade was motivated by racist hatred. Any rational person does not listen to agitators like Joy Reid, but others love the hatred she spews. Weak-minded people could be mentally influenced to pull off an attack such as Darrell Brooks did last night. We are all Gods Children 🙏trying to get…

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Darrell Brooks SUV Driver In Waukesha WI Christmas Parade Attack

Darrell Brooks

It is being reported the Maroon Ford Escape SUV driver in last night’s Waukesha Wisconsin Christmas Parade has been identified as Darrell Edward Brooks Jr, 39 years old, from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Brooks was seen driving the SUV into the crowd. Twenty individuals were hit by the vehicle, some of them children. There are fatalities, five confirmed dead as of this post. Darrell Brooks was released on a $1,000 cash bond on November 19th, two days before his rampage! Updated 11/22/21: Here is Darrell Brooks DOJ criminal record history. Download PDF…

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