WP Fastest Cache Premium Plugin Best Under CloudFlare

WP Fastest Cache Premium Review

We have been running this website under WP Fastest Cache for several months with exceptional results, so we decided to opt for WP Fastest Cache Premium. WP Fastest Cache Premium speed increase is fantastic, even when testing using Google page speed insights. Google page speed insights has been described as too strict for WordPress websites, thus results in the “green are not achievable” but we proved the nay sayers wrong with this test. The best we did with WP Fastest Cache free version was 74 tested with Google page speed…

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RockAuto.com Good Buying Experience Not For Returns

RockAuto.com Review

Rock Auto Personal Review. All The Parts Your Car Will Ever Need. Great buying experience, easy system to locate and purchase auto parts. However the system is challenging for returns. I have an older Chrysler car – not yet an antique but for sure a collectible. It’s old enough that finding some replacement parts can be challenging. Last summer i stumbled upon RockAuto.com and since then have ordered many parts. The price can’t be beat and up until last week i had nothing but praise for the business. An Air…

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Uber App Asks For SS and DL Photo When Requesting Ride

My Uber Ride Share Experience

Yesterday Uber asked for my social security number and drivers licence copy when requesting a ride using Uber’s android app. After putting in my destination and seeing the driver in route i was asked for personally identifiable information. No kidding. As i watched the driver nearing my location with an eta of 3 minutes the app popped up a screen saying something along the line of “to keep Uber safe we require a background check. Please provide your social security number. I’m puzzled as i’m not a frequent Uber rider…

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Amazon Paid Review Offer

Amazon Fake Review Offer Spam

Received this paid backpack review solicitation from an Amazon seller today. I thought Amazon cracked down on and put a stop to fake reviews on their site? Hello, Sorry to disturb you.There is a new HOPSOOKEN multifunctional Backpack,now we will select 100 VIP Amazon customer to help us try out the new product.Then give us an honest reviews and feedback,attached the product photos or video if possible,to better help other customers learn about our items and improve the item. If you you’d like to participate,please confirm with us,then we will…

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GoDaddy.com Linux cPanel Web Hosting Review

GoDaddy Linux Hosting Review

GoDaddy Linux cPanel web hosting is an improvement but still has problems. This review is intended to be a honest and truthful guide for others looking for dependable shared web hosting. There are so many paid reviews on the net it’s hard to know who to trust other than take it for a test drive as i have done. I have been a GoDaddy.com web-hosting critic in the past due to a poor experience with their service. But I’m always looking for a better web host so i figured why…

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Geek Storage Web Hosting Review


This is our experience purchasing web hosting from Geek Storage. Matthew Eli promises hyper-speed web hosting but did not produce it for myself or a partner in this adventure. Their shared hosting is supposed to be top notch. GeekStorage.com “Web Hosting For Geeks, By Geeks” is supposed to be better than most shared hosts, but what we experienced was not good at all. In my personal opinion, if you have a small website without much traffic, geek storage will probably suffice for your needs. A small company that promises lightning…

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