Limo Bob’s 100 Foot Cadillac Eldorado Limo Restored To Former Glory

100 foot cadillac eldorado

Limo Bob’s Guinness world-record-setting 100 Foot Cadillac Eldorado Limousine has been tastefully restored by a Florida man and is in as pristine condition as it was back in the ’70s when Limo Bob had it constructed. It’s sad that Bob Strausser passed away (RIP) before being able to see his once ‘pride and joy’ limousine restored to like brand new condition as built by Hollywood’s Jay Ohrberg 😎 Back in July 2017, I blogged this article with photos of Limo Bob’s classic 100ft Cadillac Eldorado limousine as it was when…

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Whats Left Of Limo Bob’s 100 Foot Cadillac Eldorado Limousine

Limo Bob 100 FT Cadillac Eldorado

Limo Bob had this 70’s Cadillac Eldorado Limousine stretched to 100 feet. It made Guinness world record for the longest stretch limousine. It was in all his flyers, and ads. But if you called to rent it, there was always an excuse. They would claim it was booked for that night. If you tried to push it and say when can I rent it then? They would tell you the car was on tour with Aerosmith. Limo Bob has been said to be his own side show. It was claimed…

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