NYC DA Alvin Bragg Joins The Deep State In Trump Witch Hunt!

DA Alvin Bragg Trump

NYC DA Alvin Bragg joins the deep state in yet another Get Trump Witch Hunt. Bragg is the alleged Liberal George Soros-funded DA that charged a 61-year-old bodega worker, Jose Alba, with murder for defending his store. That’s what the priorities are in NYC. Prosecute the innocent as crime is…

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The MAGA Republicans Are Coming To Take Back Their Homeland

The MAGA Republicans Are Coming

The MAGA Republicans are coming to take back their homeland! Sort of like the Paul Revere story but this time it ain’t the British that are coming. It’s the MAGA Republicans who are coming to take back America from the Democrats who for the past two years have screwed our…

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Is Crisis After Crisis In America Manufactured By The Biden Admin?

Crisis In America

Is Crisis after Crisis in America Manufactured by the Biden Admin? We’ve got record-high gasoline prices that are crippling motorists. Record-high diesel fuel cost that’s sticking it to the truckers which are added onto whatever we buy. Back on 03/24/22 at a press conference Joe Biden said America was going…

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