There Is NO Law And Order In Joe Biden’s America, Criminals Uncharged

law and order

What happened to Law And Order in America? Apparently, it is nonexistent in the Biden Administration. Protesters demonstrating in front of Supreme Court Justice’s homes is a Federal Crime, but nobody is being charged. Department Of Justice Attorney General Merrick Garland hasn’t charged a single person despite the justices being doxed by Democratic Party activists. And that clown show mainstream media is set to air tonight is intended to show Republicans and Donald Trump in a negative light, despite Nancy Pelosi refusing to call in the National Guard that Trump…

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Ford E-Transit Van Delivered To Walmart, It’s A Sign Of Today’s Times

Ford E-Transit Van

When picking up a Walmart food order this morning behind the building was this new Ford E-Transit van. Curiosity got the best of me so I stopped and took a quick look and shot a few photos. Its matching EV charging station was mounted on the wall next to where it was parked. The sticker’s MSRP Is $56,820.00. Its battery warranty is 8yr/100k and considering it will be used for Walmart+ delivery I’d think in two years it would reach 100k miles, so no battery warranty. It’s only money! From…

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