America Must Wait 4 Years For $137M German COVID-19 Test Strips!

biden covid test strips wait

What is the Big Guy’s cut of this $137 Million German Covid-19 Test Strips deal? Sources are reporting that a factory must first be built before the test strips can be manufactured. And it will take FOUR YEARS Just to Build the place, not counting the time to produce the…

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Plandemic Two Indoctornation Video Lets The Covid Cat Out Of The Bag!

plandemic indoctornation

Today’s blog post includes the Plandemic Two Indoctornation video that questions certain high-profile individuals who are involved in both the staged Event 201 Pandemic preparation exercise five months before the Covid-19 pandemic devastated the world. A second video by Millennial Millie questionins Bill Gates Foundation and ID2020 digital disease tracking…

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Covid-19 Omicron Variant Shifts Big Media Into Fearmongering Mode

covid-19 omicron

Covid-19 Omicron Variant is making its rounds with Dr. Anthony Fauci and Democrat’s big media partners running with another fearmongering campaign. Seems according to what I’m seeing on TV America is headed for another lockdown. It was said this morning that students in NYC are being forced to eat their…

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