Roy Moore Smeared Senate Candidate Awarded 8.2M Judgement

Roy Moore Smeared

Roy Moore Smeared. The 2017 AL senate candidate was awarded an 8.2 Million judgment. Moore (R-AL) was running for US Senate. He was endorsed by President Donald J. Trump and was running out front of the pack before being smeared. The Senate Majority PAC helped Democrats win a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama back in 2017, killing Moore’s chances to win as an outsider. The destruction of his campaign included circulating ads with unfounded false accusations that insinuated Moore is a pedophile! 😡 Pay attention to the wording in this…

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Trump Rally Las Vegas NV 02/21/20 Instant HD Replay

trump rally las vegas 02.21.20

President Trump held yet another HUGE Rally in Las Vegas Nevada last night. I don’t know where he gets all that energy, must be his love for America! Our fearless leader predicted chaos on the eve the 2020 caucus in Nevada, saying Democrats want to win the White House but can’t even count their votes! I hear their computers are all messed up, just like in Iowa, they can’t count votes. The president told supporters attending the Las Vegas Convention Center. 🙂 President Trump has delivered for Nevada, and Nevada…

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Sore Loser Democrats Running With Russia Hoax 2020

democrat russia hoax 2020

Looks like ole Crooked Hillary’s Russia Hoax is making yet another comeback. If y’all remember back in 2016 when Hillary got her butt kicked, the very next day after sobering up, the Russia Hoax was put into action. Now she’s running her mouth about Russia again. President Trump said the intelligence finding that Russia was again meddling in a coming presidential election in his favor was a partisan “misinformation campaign.” Lets face it, Democrats have failed again and again trying to unseat our duly elected president. This latest regurgitation of…

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