FL Gov. Ron DeSantis: No CDC Covid Mandates For Children!

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis: No CDC Covid Mandates For Children. After the CDC voted to add covid vaccine shots to children mandated inoculation is required for them to attend public school. Ron DeSantis put his foot down saying that will not happen in Florida. It seems to me this is…

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FDA Taking Money From Big Pharma, Government Corruption Exposed!

fda taking money

FDA Taking Money From Big Pharma is once again exposed by James O’Keefe’s Excellence in Journalism undercover reporters at Project Veritas. So, here’s the deal in a nutshell. Big Pharma is sending money to the FDA to help ensure their products are approved in a timely fashion. FDA Executive Officer…

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COVID-19 Children Vaccine Possible Error Uncovered By James O’Keefe

covid-19 children vaccine

Whistleblower recordings obtained by Project Veritas appear to show medical staff and supervisors admitting they used the wrong dilutant in giving the COVID-19 Children Vaccine, lower-income, and homeless adults, and confirming the error “could cancel out [the protection of the vaccine] or have adverse effects.” The company, DocGo, and their…

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