It’s The Internets 25th Anniversary How Did We Live Without It?

Doc's Place BBS in late 1997 Camped out on a MSN 128k ISDN Internet Connection

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 Years since the Internet was rolled out to the general public I was a BBS SysOp (bulletin board system operator) at the time having put my 1st board online with an old IBM 286/12 clone computer and a 2400 baud modem. And i never imagined i would be able to do the things online as we do them today using the internet. While it has been 25 years that the Internet and World Wide Web was introduced, most of us didn’t get access…

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When Pioneering Fidonet Bulletin Board System Operators Ruled

Fidonet Net 3603 Sysop Meeting

An educational trip back in time when Computer Bulletin Board System Operators (SysOps) and the Fidonet Network dominated early personal communications worldwide. Many of those BBS’s still exist into 2018 and hopefully beyond. 😉 Doc came across this article on ZDNet and were reminiscing the good old Computer Bulletin Board System days of the 80s-90s. After reading ZDNet’s article he decided to publish a more in-depth informative article about the BBS Scene of yesterday. Click Here to access the login menu. Note this BBS is about as old school as…

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