America IS Being Invaded And Democrats Are Not Enforcing Laws!

America Is Being Invaded

America IS Being Invaded with our southern border wide open. Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are not enforcing the laws. It seems to me that Potus-46 is compromised by the big money deals his son Hunter has done with China, Russia, and Ukraine. This morning on Fox&Friends it was…

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Twitter Citizen Journalists Are The Best Source For Unfiltered News

Twitter Citizen Journalists

Twitter Citizen Journalists are the best source for accurately reporting what’s happening with our government. It’s an actual fact that the mainstream media is not reporting the scandals ongoing in our homeland and abroad. Most folks are sheep following the news networks. We watch CBS evening news reporting by Nora…

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Biden Admin Midnight Lolita Express Still Smuggling Migrants To States

midnight lolita express

Joe Biden’s Admin continues smuggling migrants on what’s becoming known as the Midnight Lolita Express. Joe and his comrades know the midterms in 2022 and the 2024 election will give them all the bums rush out of power. It’s my opinion that they are banking on changing the laws so…

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Hypocrisy: Congress, Staffers, Judges, Exempt From Vaccine Mandate

vaccing mandate except

Biden Hypocrisy: The Biden admin’s most recent Executive Orders will force all Federal employees along with contractors working with the Federal government to get vaccinated. There’s a catch though, all members of Congress, Judges, and their staffers are NOT REQUIRED to be Vaccinated. So, unless you don’t have authority within…

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